Natural Wonders in China(I)

China is a beautiful country, it has not only rich human landscape but natural wonders. There is vast territory and abundant resources, different season has different scenery. The nature is magical, it creates so many magnificent scenery for us.

Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

Located at an elevation of nearly 3000m, Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve is a World Natural Heritage, National Geopark and the first preserve set up for natural landscape in China. Waters in Jiuzhaigou Valley is superior to all unnecessary is the perfect description of this fairy tale world, where affords fantastic springs, waterfalls, rivers and shoals. The geopark contains 74 national reserve rare plants, 18 precious animals and abundant ancient fossils and glacial landform. Rare wild animals like Giant Panda, Golden Monkey and the natural habitat are the key protected objects.

Named after the nine Tibetan villages in the canyon, Jiuzhaigou is world famous for the natural diversity of beautiful emerald lakes, double waterfalls, colorful forests, snow-capped peaks, glacier ice and Tibetan folks (Six Wonders of Jiuzhaigou). Among the108 mountain lakes in different size and colors, Five Flower Lake in light yellow, dark green, deep blue and other colors are the dramatic spot and marvellous essence of Jiuzhaigou. Nuorilang Waterfall of 270m wide and 24.5 high are the broadest waterfall in China. In 2016, Jiuzhaigou received a total of 7.2 million tourists, has an increase of 12.5% over 2015. The total tourism revenue was 9.01 billion yuan, increase 5.4%. Among them, 180,000 inbound tourists were received, increase 12.7%, and foreigners from tourism was US$38.99 million, increase 16.5%. It received 7.02 million domestic tourists, increase 9.1%, and the total domestic tourism revenue was 8.761 billion yuan.

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The Historical Culture of Canada(II)

However, in the late seventeenth century, France swept her European enemies and became the most powerful country on the European continent. The French government began to pay attention to its overseas colonial empire. Especially during the period from 1638 to 1715, the ambitious Louis XIV stepped up the reconstruction of the overseas empire. He sent troops to suppress the Iroquois of the Canadian Indians, appointed the new French governor, and invested heavily in the region to move into a large population. All of this has a serious conflict with the interests of the British Empire. The seven-year war between Britain and France that broke out in 1756 is also inevitable. In 1763, the United Kingdom won, “New France” then turned into the Quebec province of the British Empire, and Canada has entered the era of British rule.

The British Canadian era was an important period in Canadian history. In this historical period, a free, democratic, and independent country began to take shape. In the beginning, the British rulers pursued the assimilation of the French Canadian policy in the Quebec region, but this policy clearly does not apply to the region. Due to the influx of British immigrants, Quebec’s sunrise and sunset still have a strong French color. British rulers began to realize that it is impossible to use one of the cultures to lead other cultures in a multicultural society. Therefore, the Quebec Act of 1774 officially established the parallel status of British criminal law and French civil law in Quebec. This bill can be seen as the burgeoning of Canada’s multiculturalism policy today.

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The Unpopular but Interesting Tourist Attractions(I)

Mai Chau

If you are a nature lover and came to Hanoi, you must go to Mai Chau. Maizhou, located in the southwestern part of Hanoi, is about 160 kilometers from Hanoi and takes about 6 hours. As the car gradually enters the mountainous area, the local villages are visible along the road, and the air is fresh and there is a quiet pastoral scene. Mai Chau is a beautiful valley. Coming to a small village nestled in the mountains, it seems that we have came to another world, the place away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. The green rice fields are dotted with rows of houses. There are no large-scale people and tourists here, only a few passengers riding bicycles and some local people in the village.

The house here is made of bamboo and wood, and each house is about 1 meter above the ground, which is said to prevent flooding and animal intrusion. Living with the hospitable white people. When you came to Mai Chau, you must use your valuable time to climb the mountain, there is a hole in the mountain, called ”Thousand Step Cave”. The night here is also colorful, we can join in the local folk performance. From October to November each year, it will be submerged in a large golden sea of rice. Among the many travel destinations in Vietnam, Mai Chau is not too special, and there are not many tourists, but if you want to choose the best eco-tourism destination in the world, then Mai Chau will undoubtedly be on the list.

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Parents’ Problems in the Education of Children(I)

For us, children are the hope and future of a family and future. Aristotle said, the fate of a nation depends on the teenagers’ education. Since we enter into a new century, our condition, resource and environment of education got great improvement. The parents cost a large mount of financial and emotional on the education of children, the nation also gradually do more to the teenagers’ education.

In today, there are many problems on parents, these problems may effect the children’s development.

”Greenhouse nurture”

Flowers nurtured in greenhouses cannot withstand the cold winter. It is normal that we love our child, but sometimes if we love them overly, our love will be damage them.

Under the underground of the family planning and the better of the life condition and economic level, many families are spoil their children. Indulge from their grandma, grandpa and parents, they even reluctant to blame them. They grow up from childhood, all of their desire can be satisfied, thus they form the me-first opinion. So if we love child overly, what influence will be on children?

  1. It will make the child become selfish. Do not know how to feel for others.
  2. Let the child’s character become arrogant and self-centred, parents have to listen to him, dare to ride on the parents’ heads, do not know how to make concessions, do not know how to tolerant others, can not stand the grievances and setbacks, no one in the eyes and behavioral arbitrariness;
  3. Doing things lazy and undisciplined. Many children who are over-loved, all of their things are resolved by their parents, after a long time, they will want to do nothing, even do some housework are strongly resistant, become more and more lazy and undisciplined;
  4. Do not understand etiquette, no demeanor. Many parents have not corrected the bad behaviors and impolite behaviors of their children because they are over-loving. They cannot recognize what is correct and courtesy;
  5. Become more and more weak, cannot withstand setbacks. Living under the care of their parents for a long time, they don’t know what is difficult since they were young. Once I encounter setbacks, they will become helpless and weak, just like the flowers in the greenhouse. Once they leave the comfortable greenhouse, they can’t stand the frustration of life. So they cannot get succeed, because they don;t understand how to resolve problems.
  6. Hard to communicate with others. Self-interested, self-centered, acting arbitrarily and without discipline, unable to understand others, so they have little friends, may cause difficulties in communicating, learning, employment, life, love and even marriage with others;
  7. Poor health. Excessive spoil the children sometimes can cause children develop many bad habits due to indulging and satisfying children, malnutrition, or arbitrarily overeating, too obese, and lazy in doing things, but also make children lack exercise. Their body may become weaken and weaken, to cause a lot of diseases, so ask your child to do exercise and do some housework are also good for their health.

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Misleading Information of Online Marketing

Online marketing is the tendency to make a publicity for own products sales through internet or related websites. Certainly, through development of so many years, online marketing begin to tend to Systematization with related marketing ways. The functions of online marketing need to be realized through one or more online marketing ways. Besides the registration of search engines, the commonly used online marketing methods include keyword search, online advertising, TMTW pay-for-call advertising, exchange links, information release, integrated marketing, mailing list, licensed E-mail marketing, personalized marketing. Membership marketing, viral marketing and so on. Certainly, we may search related concrete operation about these ways through search engine. By this time we analyze some misleading information of online marketing below,

The first misunderstand

People often say “build websites to help companies make money”. This sentence itself is no problem, but it is wrong in most people’s understanding of A website will certainly be able to make money if we build it”. In fact, the construction of websites by enterprises only represents the first step for enterprises to launch network marketing. With website, there is a chance to display products and display services through the Internet. But in the many websites of internet, how to build your brand and let more people know about your products and services is the core problem that network marketing really needs to solve.

The second misunderstand

People often say “Online advertising is the network marketing”. Playing advertisements on websites is only a way of network promotion in the network marketing system, and is only the tiny parts of the network marketing system. Successful network marketing is not only one or two network promotion, but also a new sales system which integrates brand planning, advertising design, network technology, sales management and marketing. We should have a thoughtful and comprehensive plan, with accurate and effective implementation, in order to get the desired effect.


The third misunderstand

Someone is able to say “Small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the strength to do network marketing”. On the contrary, small and medium-sized enterprises are fully capable of doing network marketing, but lack of awareness. Compared with the traditional way of publicity (traditional marketing), network marketing is the most inexpensive and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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China US Trade War


According to U.S. media analysis, some analysts gave an alternative interpretation of the impact of tariff increases across the Pacific. They believe that trade tensions between the US and China could benefit other Asian economies and markets.

Main Content

The highly interconnected nature of Asian supply chains has led to a loss-free situation in Asia this year. If China’s exports suffer, many companies supplying related parts will suffer.


But considering that tariffs have led to higher prices for some Chinese goods imported by the United States, some researchers believe that countries exporting similar products may ultimately benefit as American buyers look for alternative suppliers. Meanwhile Economists of Bank of America Merrill Lynch believe that Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea will be the biggest beneficiaries because their export situation is similar to that of China.


In addition, some Asian economies will benefit from the redeployment of investments by companies operating in China. According to a survey released last week by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, about 70% of companies are considering moving some or all of their manufacturing operations out of China. Most companies think Southeast Asia is the first choice.


Authority Prediction

Of course, there are also some problems facing the Southeast Asian market such as the potential impact of interest rate increase in the United States and the slowdown of China’s economy. These effects vary from industries or countries. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) thinks technology companies in Vietnam and Malaysia may win, while Thailand’s status as a car parts producer may benefit the industry.


Steven Friedman and Chi Low, senior economists at BNP Paribas, said low-end imports of footwear, toys and textiles could switch to Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia, while electronics and machinery could be imported from Mexico, Turkey and South Korea.


So far, the downturn in Asian stock markets does not seem to reflect the unexpected gains of this restructuring of trade relations. One reason may be that there is no way to tell which companies will ultimately benefit. For example:


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), points out that some multinational companies, such as Sony Co., SNE and Panasonic Co., 6752.TO operating in Malaysia, as well as Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE and Intel Co., INTC operating in Vietnam, already operate locally. A firm foothold can help allocate resources freely, but local companies can not do so.

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Liverpool Football Club

Livepool Football Club is not strange as every football fans who no matter support to this team or not. Livepool is very famous football team with strong power as well known. This team has joined in many great matches such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and English Football League Cup and win the champion for many times.


Liverpool Football Club, or Liverpool for short, is located in Liverpool, a port city in Merseyside, northwest England. It was founded in 1892 and is one of the teams of the English Football Super League.


Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in English football history and one of the most successful football clubs in Europe and even in the world. Liverpool Football Team have won 18 League titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups, five Champions League titles and three European Cups.



The Liverpool football team was founded in 1892 by John Houlding. The team was founded after a dispute between the owner of the Anfield Stadium, John Hodding, and the Everton Football Team over various reasons. During the 1884-1892 years, Everton was established and always played at Anfield. After that, the conflict of how to manage the team and how to run the business between John Houlding and his business partner, Mr. Ollier, became irreconcilable after he built a new stadium for the team. Driven by personal economic interests, Hooulding decided to raise the rent of Anfield Stadium from 100 to 250 dollars. Everton, who played at Anfield for eight years, had to leave Houlding and Anfield and move to Goodison Park, a new stadium.


After that John Houlding built the Liverpool football team on the empty Anfield stadium. The original name of the team was Everton Football Team, but since the Football Association had other teams called Everton, the team was renamed Liverpool.


In the first season of the Lancashire League, they won the championship, and in the second season they succeeded in upgrading to the minor League. Then the team won the champion of minor League and was promoted to the Premier League.


In the 1900-01 season, the Liverpool team won the first top league title, and won again in the 1905-06 season. In 1914, Liverpool qualified for the first time in the FA Cup Final, but eventually lost to Burnley as result 0-1. The team won the league championship twice in 1921-22 and 1922-23 successively, but since then Liverpool had never won any championship. Until the 1946-47 season, the team won fifth league titles again. In 1950, the team qualified for the FA Cup final again, however Liverpool team lost to Arsenal at last, not match for champion.

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What is IIS and its Function

What is IIS? Let me tell you that IIS is the abbreviation of Internet Information Service, namely it is integrated with World Wide Web server, Popher server and FTP server. It is an Internet basic service provided by Microsoft Corp based on running Microsoft Windows. Initially, IIS (Internet Information Service) is the optional package for Windows NT, subsequently, it is built-in and released through Windows 2000, Windows XP professional and Windows Server 2003 together. However, it is not existed on the Windows XP Home Edition.

Function of IIS

IIS (Internet Information Service) means that you can publish web pages, and have ASP (Active Server Pages), JAVA, VBscript to generate pages, with some related extensions. IIS supports interesting things such as FRONTPAGE (Interface for editing environment), INDEX SERVER (Full-text retrieval function), and NET SHOW (Multimedia function).


The IIS (Internet Information Service) is as server of file and application with the Windows NT Server 4.0 together, is also the basic component which build the internet server through Windows NT Server.


It is fully integrated with Windows NT Server, allowing the use of Windows NT Server’s built-in security and NTFS file system to build powerful and flexible Internet/Intranet sites.


IIS (Internet Information Server) is a Web service component, which includes Web server, FTP server, NNTP server and SMTP server. It is used in Web browsing, file transferring, news service and mail sending and so on. It makes that Publishing information on Internet and LAN (Local Area Network) is a piece of cake.


The number of web pages allowed to open at the same time, Opening a page takes up one IIS, opening a page of instation-frame has to take up 2 to 3 IIS normally. If the picture is stolen as hotlink, it will also occupy one IIS through other websites to open this picture. If the setting parameter is 50 of IIS, this website allows 50 pages to be opened at the same time. However to have 50 pages open at the same time (in a very short time), 50 people are required to operate together, which is a relatively low probability. So it’s not a big problem to have more than 1,000 IP by supporting 100 IIS per day (and the number of visitors must be far less than 1,000 at the same time), unless the website is stolen chains or frameworks caused other consumes.

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Real Estate in China

Real estate in China now has been already pillar industry in China, no matter its development speed or reconstructing range in whole China, both of these factors prove its importance. Certainly, reference to its price, it is also high with almost RMB 10,000 yuan average in metroplis city such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and even in Shenzhen city of Guangdong Province.


However real estate industry in China also have faced a lot of difficult period when it began to develop since 2000. going through a frog leap development was since 2000 to 2007, by the next year 2008, the real estate industry in China really had to confronted its winter season of development. Certainly, after 2008, the real estate industry reached to its second development era namely around 2009. however, only through 3 years to 2011, in the face of surging housing prices, the state issued a policy of credit restriction and purchase restriction, and the real estate industry fell into a downturn again.


The Real Estate Market Turn Left or Right?

In the decade after 2008, China’s real estate market has experienced a period of boiling years, and its momentum is even greater than that of the previous decade. While this prosperity has injected strong momentum into China’s economy, it has also hidden dangers in the market of real estate for the future.


Ten years ago, China’s economy was still in a high growth stage with demographic dividends and cost advantages, and the private economy also had considerable vitality and competitiveness.


Ten years later, economic growth has slowed down obviously, demographic dividends are disappearing rapidly, high housing prices continue to erode industrial profits, but also let ordinary families bear a heavy burden. The central government is also aware of the adverse effects of high housing prices, and the policy tone gradually shifts to “housing is not used for speculation”.


Not long ago, the central bank lowered its benchmark for the fourth time in a year, releasing more liquidity for small and micro enterprises and private enterprises. However, market confidence was correspondingly low. Financial markets welcomed this policy by killing both stocks and foreign exchange. This means that there may be more relaxed stimulus policies in the follow-up, not even excluding the possibility of moderate deregulation of the property market.


For many new home buyers, this may be a start-up opportunity, and a number of foolish investors may be waiting for the 2008 opportunity to copy the bottom. But it should be noted that compared with 10 years ago, the probability and risk of falling house prices are even greater.

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