Good shopping malls in Subang Jaya

Malaysia, absolutely it will be tourist paradise. The most of tourists will travel to Malaysia to enjoy its tropical environment with beach, sea, sun bath, delicious local food, Sea food, various tropical fruits and shopping in free tax shops. Certainly, referring to shopping it should be famous in capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur city because of many shopping malls such as Time Square, B.B Plaza, KLCC Shopping Center and Mid Valley Megamall and so on. However, by this time, I will lead you to know another important city Subang Jaya. Because there are still many good shopping malls there. Let us have a look below,

One City

It is located around Putra Heights off of the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong high-speed way, providing series of retail stores, food and beverage booths, entertainment service outlets, cinemas. Actually it is divided into 3 parts such as Sky Park, the Garden Shoppe and the Place. Meanwhile, the sky park is on the 10th floor and features rooftop restaurants, a glass floor. You may appreciate the city landscapes and feel a dizzying sight of a ten storey drop. The Garden Shoppe, it is such like a garden landscape setting. All facilities set in this pretty garden and offer worthy services, a lot of restaurants with local delicacies, famous international brand stores, jewellery, accessories exquisite stores and some of fashion apparels booths and kiosks. The Place mainly is provided with entertainment outlets and some retails.

Empire Shopping Gallery

Empire shopping gallery, it is a fashion lifestyle mall in Subang Jaya. According to statistical data, there are over more 180 stores inside. This shopping center only was built with six floor mall but design as elegant structure with pretty outdoor landscapes. According to its rectangular shape of structure, it is featured as a simple layout so that you may see across the mall from end to another end clearly. Good roof design will let much natural light in and making whole mall to feel bright and airy.

The Summit

It is the biggest shopping mall in Subang Jaya and the summit is situated at the diamond interchange of Subang USJ, with Menara Summit office tower, the Summit Hotel Subang USJ. So it is formed as a business-cum-entertainment hub. In the shopping mall there is the GSC Cinema to play the latest movie, and Century Club karaoke lounges, all located on the 3rd floor. Certainly, the necessary fashion retail outlets and stores, Sports shops and related booths, kiosks will be all around in this shopping mall as layout in every floors.

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Tools of Indoor Plants

The most of people like green, like plants because it will make people to feel comfortable, quiet and the main reason is about decoration of scenes. Meanwhile, indoor plants will show this feature obviously. When you prepare some indoor plants (or houseplants) to ornament your home as putting them on appropriate position, you may find that is amazing to your house design. Absolutely let you feel joyful and always with good mood during this kinds of environment which be surrounded by indoor plants. However, if you plan to prepare some good indoor plants and care them very well, as my kind suggestion, you should prepare enough professional tools. Certainly, the most of these tools are steel material so I recommend to you that stainless steel should be your best choice because of its good quality without rust issue and durable feature. Well, about tools of indoor plants, let me tell you what exactly you have to prepare below,

Self-watering Pot

This is basic tool for houseplants. Because the most of white-collar or lazy men do not hope to care its plants every day, self-watering pot will help you to water your plants as saving your the most of time.

Indoor watering Can

Potted flowers or Potted plants is usually equipped with a watering can. Generally there are two types of watering can such as fixed long-billed watering can, knock down long-billed watering pot. Even if you own self-watering pot, you have to buy one indoor watering can because you have to fill the water into pot periodically.


Actually indoor pruners divide into two categories, one is the pruner with spring, another one is the pruner without spring. Its feature and function is mainly to help you to cut unnecessary stems and light branches from indoor plants.

Hand Transplanter

It is very useful to transplant and avoid to hurt the cute and delicate plants. Certainly, transplanting seedling also applied hand transplanter.

Hand Fork

Perhaps the most of people have no idea about hand fork usage. Let me tell you what exactly hand fork does. Actually this is quiet different between outdoor plants and indoor plants. Normally we use hand fork to release soil inside pot so that we may fertilize it easily and make the plants intake the nutrients easily. Certainly, sometimes we also use hand fork to clear up and sort out the root of plants.

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