Basic Computer Knowledge

Computer (PC), A computer is a device that processes data according to a series of command using electronic principles. Usually during our life there are two main type of computer such as Desktop and Laptop. Certainly, different type will help users in different environment. Desktop is often to be applied at home or in the office while laptop often is as portable and convenient using in the most of sites.

Theoretical Basis and Basic Comprehension

Computers can be divided into two parts: software system and hardware system. The first computer was the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) which was born on February 15, 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). People call a computer, without installing any software, a bare machine. In May 24, 1954, the transistor computer was born. With the development of science and technology, there are some new types of computers: biological computer, photon computer, quantum computer and so on.


John von Neumann (1903~1957), Doctor of Mathematics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He proposed computer architecture and laid the fundamental of structure and theory of modern computer.


  1. The computer consists of five units: arithmetic logic unit, controller, input and output device and memory unit.
  2. Program storage control.
  3. Using binary as basic unit of computer.

Components of Computer

  1. Software System

The software system includes operating system, application software and so on. Computer industrial management software is necessary sharp weapon of computer industry development among many application software, it is also computer industrial ERP software.


  1. Hardware System

Hardware system includes: chassis (power supply, hard disk, soft disk, memory, motherboard, CPU, CPU fan, CD-ROM, sound card, network card, graphics card), display, UPS (uninterrupted power supply system), keyboard, mouse and so on (can also be equipped with headphones, microphones, speakers, printers, cameras, etc.). The general motherboards of home computers have independent sound cards and network cards. Some motherboards are equipped with integrated graphics cards.

More information about Computer Science

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