Butterfly in Nature

Butterflies are commonly referred to as butterflies, arthropods, Insecta, Lepidoptera, and general name of Rhopalocera insects. There are about 14,000 breeds in the world, most of them in America, especially in the Amazon. There are 1200 kinds in China. Butterflies are generally brightly colored, with many stripes and rich colors. They have various spots on their wings and bodies. The largest butterfly can spread its wings up to 28-30 cm, and the smallest one is only about 0.7 cm. The main difference between butterflies and moths is that the head of the butterfly has a pair of rod-shaped or hammer-shaped antennae, and the antennae of the moth are of various shapes.

Butterfly History

Butterflies are classified as Lepidoptera. Tens of thousands of species in the world belong to this category. The butterflies evolved from the Cretaceous along with edible flowering plants (phanerogam) and pollinated them, making them the last class of biology in insect evolution. The word butterfly is derived from the ancient English buterfleoge and is composed of butere (butter) and fleoge (flying creation).



There is a long-standing saying that butterfly is called butterfly because butterfly likes to steal butter and milk. People call it an elf with colorful wings and likes to eat cream, so call it butterfly.


Another explanation is that butter refers to the color of butterflies; the word fly originally refers to flying insects, The word butterfly was probably originally used to refer to a pink butterfly with a sulphur color (close to butterfly on wings) that emerged after winter in southern Europe. The male butterfly of this kinds of pink butterfly with yellow wings. When it is flying in the flowers then seemly like a warm light flickering around the flowers, so it is called butter-colored fly by the people.


Different Breeds

There are many famous and pretty butterflies breed around the world. These breeds are not easy to capture because of Rare breeds of butterfly. Let us have a look below,


Eighty-eight butterfly,

Heliconius melpomene,

Caligo eurilochus,


Greta oto,

Argyronome laodice,

Morpho menelaus.

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