Communication Is Important to Educate The Kids

Learning communication between parents and kids are very important to teach and educate your kids. Good communication may help the kids to change bad habits, cultivate good behaviors. The most of parents will not care about it, then let us have a look below and see whether it is important.


Actually good communication between kids and parents will be considered through 4 key contents such as Fact, Feeling, Finding and Future. By this time let us talk about key word of finding.


When we need help from our children, we often do it directly for our children instead of guiding the kids how to do. So, very often, we complain that our children “can not do anything, do not use the brain to think” and in another hand always enjoy doing it all for kids.


For example:

“You can not put the building block this way. You will learn how to do it.” – monopolized

“You want to put this big building block on it, but you can not seem to put it anywhere” – Summarized the problem.

“I took a look at the building blocks next to you, and it needed that kind of opening to put them together” – to provide ideas


“How can this car pack into this schoolbag? We are going out without the car?” – Deny

“You want to put your car in your schoolbag, but you can not put it in. It seems that the car size is much bigger than the bag. Do you want to compare it?” – Summarized the problem, to provide ideas


The worst “help” is that the parents move their mouths quickly, but thinking by their brains are slow. Every time we first “rescue” the children, not to help the children grow up, but let the children feel a strong sense of frustration. Normally the children will think “I waste while day with unsuccessful job, and my parents had to finish it in a second.” If in the long run, they would have the inertial thinking such as “If there are problems, my parents will do it. I can not do it anyway.”


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