Education About Medical Science(I)

Actually Education is very important from ancient time to present time. Nowadays, the most of countries begin to enhance the quality of itself education system and education industry. Medical science is also to be emphasized by every countries. Not only advanced medical science may prevent and restrain disease transmission and development of epidemic situation, but good medical science technology will also help more patients which have difficult diseases. Well, let us have a look about real case below,Steel Pipes Manufacturers

Ebola in Uganda Border

Health workers walk with a boy suspected of having Ebola at an Ebola Treatment Center in Beni, the place is near the border between Congo and Uganda, on 9th Sept, 2018.

The Lamia River marks the border between the Ebola infected North Kivu province of the democratic republic of the Congo and Uganda. In Uganda, officials have taken steps to prevent an outbreak of the deadly Ebola. Since August, the Ebola virus has infected about 319 people in neighboring democratic republic of Congo according to statistical data, with killing 198 patients. Borders between countries remain open, and health experts fear the virus could enter Uganda through cross-border traffic.


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