Fluid Solid Separation

M.W. Watermark™ channel presses are utilized for interaction, water, and wastewater treatment in a wide range of businesses and applications. Anyplace an organization needs to isolate solids from fluid, we can help.

We offer a wide cluster of channel press sizes to address your issues. From our huge 2000mm/600 cuft (17000L) down to our 250mm/.02 cuft (5.5L) versatile pilot channel press. Our choice gives the right size channel press for your particular undertaking.

2000mm Filter Press
Choices Shown:

Overhead Plate Suspension

Full Automation Control System

Programmed Plate Shift with Cloth Washer

Light Curtains

Robotized Valves

As well as assembling many sizes of channel squeezes, we likewise filter press manufacturers construct presses to use various kinds of channel plates, including recessed chamber, plate and edge and film crush.

M.W. Watermark Membrane Squeeze Pilot Filter Press
Layer Squeeze Pilot Filter Press
M.W. Watermark Recessed Chamber Filter Presses
M.W. Watermark is a main channel press maker.
Plate and Frame Filter Press
Plate and Frame Filter Press
We likewise convey a wide choice of channel press parts and embellishments including raised stages, chutes, self-unloading cake containers, plate shifters, pressure driven frameworks, valve manifolds, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

MW Watermark Filter Press on raised stage with custom hardened steel release chutes
M.W. Watermark offers Rebuilt Filter Presses for Rental or Purchase
As well as assembling our own channel presses and parts in-house, we additionally invest heavily in our capacity to remake used hardware. Our capable group has insight with top brands in the business including Siemens, US Filter, JWI, Lanco, Perrin, Edwards and Jones, Pac Press, and others. We can fix or modify your present gear and encourage you on extra items to make your framework run as flawlessly as could really be expected.

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Learn more our Pro-X Series channel press uncommonly designed for the food business, drink industry, drugs, and other sterile applications.

Channel Press Built in Shop
M.W. Watermark is focused on giving industry driving hardware, administration, and course. We work in a family-arranged climate with faithful representatives who have been with us for quite some time. Our staff endeavors to ensure we convey the best. We are energetic with regards to really focusing on the world’s water supply.

Our energy pours out over to our obligation to being an ecologically cognizant organization who make top notch items in the United States. Our Quick-Ship program permits us to convey in-stock hardware with short lead times, and things not in-stock can be obtained with little deferral. We’re cordial and simple to contact by telephone or email.

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Need embellishments for your channel press, including spatulas, material establishment instruments or mass sacks?
Download our Aftermarket Accessories Sheet.

Get in touch with us to check whether we have the channel press you really want in-stock. If not, we can likewise assemble custom gear dependent on your determinations. At M.W. Watermark, we are focused on our clients and our planet. Call us today to find out additional.

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