Global News Time to Everyone(II)

Taxpayers receiving continuing education can enjoy a monthly remission of 400 yuan for their degree and 3600 yuan for their professional qualification education for a maximum of 48 months. Serious illness taxpayers deduct self-expenditure medical expenses (between 15,000 yuan and 80,000 yuan) from taxable income every year. If a taxpayer or his spouse has a mortgage loan for the first house, he or she may deduct 1,000 yuan from the amount of taxable income each month. Taxpayers without housing in their cities can deduct housing rent of 18,000 yuan per year.Click Here For More.

For only-child taxpayers with their parents over 60 years of age, a maximum of 2,000 yuan is deducted from their taxable income each month. Certainly, for two or more than two children at home, meanwhile the brothers or sisters can share the deduction amount of 2,000 yuan.

News about Canada

Canadian Economy Exceeds Expectations in October, 2018. The workers watch manufacturers and distributors of seamless steel tubes at Bri-Steel, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on June 21, 2018. Statistics released by Statistics Canada on Friday showed that the Canadian economy grew by 0.3% in October since September, higher than expected, boosted by strong manufacturing, finance and insurance sectors. Analysts surveyed from Reuters had expected monthly gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 0.2%. Fifteen of the 20 industrial sectors, or about 80% of the total economy, achieved growth, Statscan said.

For Bank of Canada President Stephen Poloz, the announcement is likely to be a surprise. Earlier this month, he complained that the economic data entering the fourth quarter were weaker than expected. Manufacturing increased by 0.7 per cent as machinery, primary metals, chemicals and food production increased. As bond and money market activity increased, the financial and insurance industries grew by 0.9%. Wholesale trade grew by 1.0%, while utilities grew by 1.5%. This was due to the unusually cold weather, which led to an increase in demand for heating and electricity.

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