History of Christmas Day

Christmas Day not only brings joyful atmosphere to everyone, but the Christmas Day also has its massive history and related stories. From commemorating Jesus birth, Church establishment in Rome and Santa Claus, there are many related history to know worthily. Today, hereby let me tell you about one of history of Christmas Day, establishment of Church of Rome.


At the first, Church of Rome also known as Latin Church, Holy Roman Church, Roman Church, Christian Church and Christian Catholic Church of the five earliest churches were founded, but also the largest denominations and churches, introduced to Rome in the middle of the first century AD. Before the reformation of religion, it was the only legal Church in Western Christianity, so it was also called the Western church. Its existence dominated the ideological trend throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and it led to changes in the internal affairs and diplomacy of Europe in the Middle Ages.


Establishment of Roma Church

At the beginning of the 4th century, 6th January was a double festival commemorating the birth and baptism of Jesus in the Eastern churches of the Roman Empire, called Epiphany, in which God showed himself to the world through Jesus body.


The exception was the Church in Jerusalem, which commemorated the birth of Jesus but not the baptism of Jesus. A post historian found in the calendar used by Christians in Rome that one piece of record of calendar around 25th December, 354AD was wrote: “Christ was born in Judah, Bethlehem.” It is generally believed that Christmas on 25th December may begin in the Roman Church in 336 A.D. and spread to Antioch Minor Asia around 375 A.D. Alexandria, which arrived in Egypt in 430 AD, was the latest accepted by the Church in Jerusalem, while the Church in Armenia maintained that Epiphany on January 6 was the birth of Jesus.


25th December was originally the birthday of Mithra, the Persian sun god, a pagan festival and one of the Roman gods. It was also the winter solstice of the Roman calendar, and the sun-worshiping pagans regarded it as the hope of spring, the beginning of the resurgence of all things. For this reason, the Church of Rome chose this day as Christmas. This is one of the measures in the early days of the church to try to educate Christians in their habits and customs. Later, although most churches accepted 25th December as Christmas, they decided to designate 24th December to 6th January as Christmas Tide because the calendars used by churches were different and the dates could not be unified.

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