Increasing Applications of Micro Bubbles

There has been a lot of research studies on micro bubbles in recent years.

Micro bubbles are miniature gas bubbles of less than 50 microns diameter in water. The micro bubbles, which mostly contain oxygen or air, can remain suspended in the water for an extended period. Gradually, the gas within the micro bubbles dissolves into the water and the bubbles disappear. These bubbles are generated by various types of aerators now available in the market.

These micro bubbles, being of extremely small size, are characterized by having electrical charges. They attract suspended floating particles very effectively. This particular property has been used in sludge treatment by using the micro bubbles to capture and float organic matters, thus decreasing the time required for the sludge treatment.

Micro bubbles have also been introduced by the Japanese to market safe and good tasting oysters. Micro bubbles of concentrated oxygen containing about 2% ozone can be used to inactivate norovirus in shellfish and oysters. This norovirus is one of the major pathogens causing food poisoning in winter. This is a much more cost effective method compared to cultivating the oysters in sterile seawater and using chlorine-based germicide.

Another emergent usage of micro bubbles is in the areas of cancer treatment. Scientists are in the process of developing a method of diagnosing cancer lesions by injecting micro bubbles into the blood stream. During the ultrasonic scan for cancer lesions, the micro bubbles contract and expand rapidly due to the pressures produced by the ultrasonic beam. Groups of the micro bubbles at cancerous tumours will show up very visibly on ultrasonic scans to indicate the presence of cancerous cells.

Due to their large surface area volume ratio, micro bubble micro bubbles can penetrate deeply into a surface for effective cleaning. This cleaning effect of micro bubbles is used in cleaning the inside of vegetables such as cabbage and radish sprout, as well as maintenance of freshness with vegetables in one particular vegetable processing center in Japan.

On a more personal level, the micro bubbles can penetrate deeply into skin for a good scrub without the need for any shampoo or soap. This skin treatment has been introduced within some spas in Japan as well as shops specializing in bathing pets. Needless to say, the baths are especially helpful for pets which have skin allergies to pet shampoos.

Suwa companies are also developing a small handy micro bubble generator which can be used at home. With all the product development going on, very soon, you may be able to purchase a micro bubble generator at your electronics store and relax in a micro bubble bath at home.

You all are acquainted with the game of puzzle bubble. In fact, most of us would have played the game during childhood. It will be a great fun to play this childhood game over the internet. More interesting news is waiting for those, who want to venture into the world of bubble. First, you need to know that you can call the puzzle bubble as the bust. In the year 1986, a famous person Taito actually threw light on the character of beautiful micro bubbles.

Once you decide on bubbling with the bubbles, you can end up with a plethora of games. In fact, they are made to entertain you all day long. It is seen that even aged people also end up with a million dollar smile after playing with the bubbles. You should definitely be a part of these luring games that have rocked the online gaming world.

While playing the puzzle bubble online, you need to be very swift because you have to move all over the place by clicking the mouse. Sometimes, you might have to jump and then shoot the bubbles. Playing these games is not only entertaining, but also makes you good shooter as well. One thing that you should always keep in the back of your mind is that these games also demand your power of manipulation.

In leisure hours if you feel monotonous, then start shooting the bubbles. After a few hours, you might find yourself in the midst of the colored bubbles. For shooting the bubbles, you should be focused and you have to make a prior speculation. In addition, you can see that there are just about 17 balls in each row and you need to pinpoint a particular one from the random list of colors.

There are various stages in these types of games. Once you end up with the first stage, you can proceed to the next one. The puzzle bubble game is very addictive and compels one to play with full concentration. Once you start to play, you see that your blood pressure is accelerated and your brain instigates you to win the game.

Puzzle bubble games are commendable and you would surely love to play repeatedly. A good shooter will always like to play with the bubbles. There are wide varieties of these games and you can go with any one of them you like the most.

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