Indian Stewing Chicken Rice

This is an improved version of Indian hand pilaf, which is in line with Taiwanese tastes. Western-style stew made with Indian spices, with cloves, cardamom, anise, in addition to very fragrant taste, but also very good to the body. The people who Often eat spices are not easy to get sick. Well, here we go, the recipe will be shared below,


Rice 100g

Water 100ml

Onion 1/4 pcs

Garlic 5 pcs

Pepper 1/2pcs

Small tomato a few pcs

Curry leaves proper

Cloves 1 or 2 granular

Cardamom 2 granular

Ginger puree proper

Salts pepper proper

Dry Grapes proper

Coconut oil 1 tablespoon

Lemon Juices proper

Saka 50ml



  1. Prepare all food materials and ingredients with related spices. Slice the onion then Sprinkled salts and put it alongside till water content comes out. And then drains till dry.
  2. Prepare pan, low heat with a little bit coconut oil.
  3. Put cloves, cardamom, and other spices into the pan. When these spices begin insulation after heated, subsequently put the anise, Chinese prickly ash, curry leaves and so on.
  4. Put the minced onion into the pan, fired these materials till onion looks like golden color.
  5. Subsequently, minced ginger, minced garlic both put into the pan to fried.
  6. Chicken may fired till good smell.
  7. Put some pepper into the pan and fried with the chicken together.
  8. Saka about 50ml put into the saucepan, small tomato also put into the saucepan, then stew for around 10 minutes.
  9. When the tomato feel softy, you have to continue to boil and stew it till the soup without more moisture like sauces.
  10. Low heat or no more heat again. Pour the rice into the saucepan, then stir and fry together for a while.
  11. Put proper water or vegetable soup. Make the rice flat and neat and ensure the water overflow the rice.
  12. Set 12 to 1 minutes with low heat to boil it. It will continue to braise or simmer around 15 minutes after first time boiled.
  13. Put some dry grapes and fresh lemon.

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