Industry Specific Bearing Brochure for Cement makers

NSK has distributed another handout illustrating imaginative bearing and material advances to help administrators of concrete plants to get seriously working life, further develop effectiveness and diminish support costs under the most difficult working conditions. Named ‘Bearings for the Cement Industry’, the new distribution covers all spaces of concrete creation – quarrying and extraction; pulverizing, pounding and mixing; material readiness; pre – homogenization, clinker granulating, passing on pressing and transportation. It accomplishes this with the assistance of an exhaustive realistic of a common concrete plant, and gives arrangements of bearing sorts that convey further developed performance in every particular plant region. Remembered for the new handout are creative TF series bearings that proposal up to 10-times administration life of standard bearings under states of debased oil – a typical event in concrete factories. Created utilizing uncommon warmth treatment innovation, TF series bearings – barrel shaped roller, circular, profound furrowed and tightened china Cement bearing roller – additionally offer a 40% improvement in seizure opposition and up to multiple times the help life of standard bearings at 160 degrees C. Notwithstanding TF series bearings, NSK has fostered another answer for bearings that are hard to get to as well as are utilized where oil and oil retaining dust is delivered. This innovation, Molded Oil™, can transform the performance of bearings utilized in concrete plants by supplanting existing, and frequently exorbitant, strategies for greasing up machine parts.

NSK offers Molded Oil™ innovation on standard profound section metal balls and round roller bearings in external width evaluates to 250mm. Before filling the bearings with Molded Oil™ their inside surfaces are uncommonly treated. Therefore bearing force isn’t a lot higher than that of standard oil greased up bearings. The new leaflet likewise gives subtleties of NSK’s Asset Improvement Program (AIP). AIP is intended for end-client bearing clients in the concrete business that are searching for something beyond item supply. Maybe, they are searching for a worth added administration that really assists them with decreasing working expenses, further develop effectiveness and benefit. These destinations are accomplished by conveying unmistakable investment funds to resources, like gear and hardware, and furthermore by working on the functioning information on upkeep and designing faculty.

Free duplicates of the “Bearings for the Cement Industry” are accessible from NSK:

Tel: Freephone 0500 2327464. Guests should cite the distribution reference: CEM/A/E/10.11 – and furthermore the title of the distribution.

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