Knowledge and Suggetions about Sports(II)

The advantages of sports

  1. 3. Improve body shape. Helps to improve body shape, because through do that we can exercise muscles, make our original loose skin become firm, and reduce fat content, making our body healthier and more energetic.
  2. Lose weight. The most obvious effect of all kinds of sports is that you can lose fat. By exercising, you can consume the calories in your body to achieve the effect of losing weight. At the same time, you can shape your body muscles after exercise, which will visually look slimmer.
  3. Strength our team awareness

Many kinds of sports if we want reach the best effect we need to corporate with others, such as basketball or football, we cannnot complish them by ourselves, we must through teamwork, so sports can strength our relationship and team awareness.

  1. Cultivate strong quality. Because when you exercise, you must constantly break through your limits and overcome the difficulties one after another before you can continue.
  2. Strengthen team awareness. Many sports require the cooperation of people to carry out smoothly, such as basketball, football, etc. These sports are not a hero to win, they must be teamwork, so through sports can strengthen people and The connection between people enhances team awareness.

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