Liverpool Football Club

Livepool Football Club is not strange as every football fans who no matter support to this team or not. Livepool is very famous football team with strong power as well known. This team has joined in many great matches such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and English Football League Cup and win the champion for many times.


Liverpool Football Club, or Liverpool for short, is located in Liverpool, a port city in Merseyside, northwest England. It was founded in 1892 and is one of the teams of the English Football Super League.


Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in English football history and one of the most successful football clubs in Europe and even in the world. Liverpool Football Team have won 18 League titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups, five Champions League titles and three European Cups.



The Liverpool football team was founded in 1892 by John Houlding. The team was founded after a dispute between the owner of the Anfield Stadium, John Hodding, and the Everton Football Team over various reasons. During the 1884-1892 years, Everton was established and always played at Anfield. After that, the conflict of how to manage the team and how to run the business between John Houlding and his business partner, Mr. Ollier, became irreconcilable after he built a new stadium for the team. Driven by personal economic interests, Hooulding decided to raise the rent of Anfield Stadium from 100 to 250 dollars. Everton, who played at Anfield for eight years, had to leave Houlding and Anfield and move to Goodison Park, a new stadium.


After that John Houlding built the Liverpool football team on the empty Anfield stadium. The original name of the team was Everton Football Team, but since the Football Association had other teams called Everton, the team was renamed Liverpool.


In the first season of the Lancashire League, they won the championship, and in the second season they succeeded in upgrading to the minor League. Then the team won the champion of minor League and was promoted to the Premier League.


In the 1900-01 season, the Liverpool team won the first top league title, and won again in the 1905-06 season. In 1914, Liverpool qualified for the first time in the FA Cup Final, but eventually lost to Burnley as result 0-1. The team won the league championship twice in 1921-22 and 1922-23 successively, but since then Liverpool had never won any championship. Until the 1946-47 season, the team won fifth league titles again. In 1950, the team qualified for the FA Cup final again, however Liverpool team lost to Arsenal at last, not match for champion.

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