Mulan Paddock in China

Qing Dynasty Royal Hunting Garden – Mulan Paddock, is located in the northeast of Hebei Province (Chengde Paddock Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County), where is in Inner Mongolia, where since ancient times is always a beautiful grassland for animal breeding. I had a chance to visit to this beautiful and splendid landscape area and felt its natural scenery. By this time let me introduce about this pretty nature Mulan Paddock to everyone plan to travel in China.


Form of Paddock

Historically, the Mulan Paddock is mainly consisted of three scenic spots: Saihanba National Forest Park, Yudaokou Grassland Forest Scenic Area and Hongsongwa Nature Reserve.

  • Saihanba National Forest Park

It is the largest forest park in northern China. The Mongolian language is called “Sakhanda Bahan Sechin”, which means beautiful ridges. In the Qing Dynasty, it was part of the famous Mulan Paddock (Wei Chang), one of the royal hunting grounds. The total area of Forest Park is 1.42 million mu (unit), of which 1.06 million mu (unit) is forest landscape, 200,000 mu (unit in China) is grassland landscape, and the forest coverage rate is 75.2%. The unique climate and long history have created the special natural and cultural landscape here. There are many kinds of plants and animals in Saihanba National Forest Park. There are higher level plants belonging to 312 genera, 81 families, 659 species. There are 11 families and 25 species of mammals with roe deer as the main species. There are 88 species of birds belonging to 27 families with black piano chicken as the main species.

  • Yudaokou Grassland Forest Scenic Area

It is with a total area of 1,000 square kilometers and an altitude of 1,230 to 1,820 meters, the plateau climate of cold temperate zone and continental monsoon, the scenic spot has 700,000 mu (unit) of primitive grassland, 200,000 mu (unit) of wetland, 500,000 mu (unit) of natural secondary forest, 21 natural freshwater lakes, 47 springs and 13 rivers and streams, which is one of the birthplaces of the Luanhe River.


  • Hongsongwa Nature Reserve

Its total area is about 7300 hectares. It belongs to the cold temperate monsoon climate, the summer climate is cool, and the maximum temperature is generally not more than 25 degree Celsius.


The area of Hongsongwa is 1.1 million mu (unit), the grassland area is 200,000 mu (unit), and the forest coverage rate is as high as 78%. It is a large grassland scenic spot in the north of the county. There are many kinds of animals and plants here.

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