Natural Wonders in China(I)

China is a beautiful country, it has not only rich human landscape but natural wonders. There is vast territory and abundant resources, different season has different scenery. The nature is magical, it creates so many magnificent scenery for us.

Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

Located at an elevation of nearly 3000m, Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve is a World Natural Heritage, National Geopark and the first preserve set up for natural landscape in China. Waters in Jiuzhaigou Valley is superior to all unnecessary is the perfect description of this fairy tale world, where affords fantastic springs, waterfalls, rivers and shoals. The geopark contains 74 national reserve rare plants, 18 precious animals and abundant ancient fossils and glacial landform. Rare wild animals like Giant Panda, Golden Monkey and the natural habitat are the key protected objects.

Named after the nine Tibetan villages in the canyon, Jiuzhaigou is world famous for the natural diversity of beautiful emerald lakes, double waterfalls, colorful forests, snow-capped peaks, glacier ice and Tibetan folks (Six Wonders of Jiuzhaigou). Among the108 mountain lakes in different size and colors, Five Flower Lake in light yellow, dark green, deep blue and other colors are the dramatic spot and marvellous essence of Jiuzhaigou. Nuorilang Waterfall of 270m wide and 24.5 high are the broadest waterfall in China. In 2016, Jiuzhaigou received a total of 7.2 million tourists, has an increase of 12.5% over 2015. The total tourism revenue was 9.01 billion yuan, increase 5.4%. Among them, 180,000 inbound tourists were received, increase 12.7%, and foreigners from tourism was US$38.99 million, increase 16.5%. It received 7.02 million domestic tourists, increase 9.1%, and the total domestic tourism revenue was 8.761 billion yuan.

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