Nature Teaching US Knowledge

A lot of natural phenomenons teaching us a lot. We may study and research from natural phenomenon then develop valuable tool for human being. Nature teaching us knowledge is really correct statement because since primitive age our ancestors had already learned from nature and created so many tools and for livelihood by using so many natural phenomenons.

Why does ice cream give off steam?

The reason why the ice-cream steam is that there is a lot of water vapor invisible to the eyes in the air outdoor. When these vapor touches the ice-cream as very cold, it liquefy into droplets and surrounded the ice-cream. It seemed that the ice-cream was “steaming”.

Why can snakes walk without feet?

There are many scales on the snake, which is the most outer armor on them. Scales are not only used to protect the body, but also snakes’ “feet”. When the snake crawls forward, the body will be S shaped. And every piece of scale outside the S shape will rise up and help the snake to catch the uneven road when it matches forward. These scales work with the snake’s muscles and push the body forward, so the snake can walk without feet.

Why do people yawn?

When we feel tired, a lot of carbon dioxide has been produced in our body. When too much carbon dioxide is inside the body, oxygen must be added to balance the body’s needs. Because these carbon dioxide residues affect our body’s functioning, the body reacts protectively and yawns. Yawning is a deep breathing movement that allows us to breathe in more oxygen and exhaust carbon dioxide than usual, as well as to eliminate fatigue.

Why do people’s hair turn white when they are old?

There is a substance called melanin in our hair. It means more melanin, then the darker hair. However with less melanin, the hair will become yellow or white. When people get old, the body’s various functions will gradually decline, the formation of pigments will be less and less, so the hair will gradually become white.

Why does people’s belly growl when are hungry?

This is because the food intake before quickly digested then the stomach is empty, but the gastric juice will continue to secrete. At this point, the contraction of the stomach will gradually expand, the liquid and gas inside will be turned and stirred up, resulting in a purring sound.

Nature Teaching US A Lot.

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