Parents’ Problems in the Education of Children(I)

For us, children are the hope and future of a family and future. Aristotle said, the fate of a nation depends on the teenagers’ education. Since we enter into a new century, our condition, resource and environment of education got great improvement. The parents cost a large mount of financial and emotional on the education of children, the nation also gradually do more to the teenagers’ education.

In today, there are many problems on parents, these problems may effect the children’s development.

”Greenhouse nurture”

Flowers nurtured in greenhouses cannot withstand the cold winter. It is normal that we love our child, but sometimes if we love them overly, our love will be damage them.

Under the underground of the family planning and the better of the life condition and economic level, many families are spoil their children. Indulge from their grandma, grandpa and parents, they even reluctant to blame them. They grow up from childhood, all of their desire can be satisfied, thus they form the me-first opinion. So if we love child overly, what influence will be on children?

  1. It will make the child become selfish. Do not know how to feel for others.
  2. Let the child’s character become arrogant and self-centred, parents have to listen to him, dare to ride on the parents’ heads, do not know how to make concessions, do not know how to tolerant others, can not stand the grievances and setbacks, no one in the eyes and behavioral arbitrariness;
  3. Doing things lazy and undisciplined. Many children who are over-loved, all of their things are resolved by their parents, after a long time, they will want to do nothing, even do some housework are strongly resistant, become more and more lazy and undisciplined;
  4. Do not understand etiquette, no demeanor. Many parents have not corrected the bad behaviors and impolite behaviors of their children because they are over-loving. They cannot recognize what is correct and courtesy;
  5. Become more and more weak, cannot withstand setbacks. Living under the care of their parents for a long time, they don’t know what is difficult since they were young. Once I encounter setbacks, they will become helpless and weak, just like the flowers in the greenhouse. Once they leave the comfortable greenhouse, they can’t stand the frustration of life. So they cannot get succeed, because they don;t understand how to resolve problems.
  6. Hard to communicate with others. Self-interested, self-centered, acting arbitrarily and without discipline, unable to understand others, so they have little friends, may cause difficulties in communicating, learning, employment, life, love and even marriage with others;
  7. Poor health. Excessive spoil the children sometimes can cause children develop many bad habits due to indulging and satisfying children, malnutrition, or arbitrarily overeating, too obese, and lazy in doing things, but also make children lack exercise. Their body may become weaken and weaken, to cause a lot of diseases, so ask your child to do exercise and do some housework are also good for their health.

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