Portable House

When we work outdoor, period to travel some place and even planning to change the intense and pressure life environment, then we may think about to build a portable house (portable dwellings) according to your demand. Certainly, you could build a outdoor portable house as long terms camping, decorating the indoor according to your image, driving your family members to take party in the portable house and so on. So many interesting and persuasive points attract you to build the portable house, why not do it now? Hereby, let me show you more advantages below,


The portable house is a kind of space integration with light steel skeleton (Steel Structures), laminboard as wall materials and standard modulus series. The components adopt bolted connection, the portable house is the new concept of environmental friendly and economical. It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly; realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings; and establishes the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient building. The portable house has entered a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and multi-cycle use of fixed product areas.


Because of the prime choice as practicality and preliminary space division during design process, there is no more large scale decoration of the portable house. Merely, we need to decorate and remake according to principles of simplicity and flexibility and feature of building.


According to the senior designer, first of all, before checking in, the professionals should do the final inspection on the installation quality of the activity room to ensure safety. generally not as a long-term residence, the furniture in the portable house should also try to choose a moderate weight with easy to move style. Not only conducive to the adjustment of the location in the residential process, but also convenient for future migration. Try not to do too much decoration on the wall and ceiling of the board room such as hanging heavy chandeliers, household decorations, and other facilities also should be as simple as possible.

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