Requirements for the service life of large cranes

Cranes are widely used in ports, workshops, construction sites, etc. It is a mechanical equipment for lifting and handling. Now it has been widely used in various places. What are the conditions for the use of cranes in crane rental? And what are the specific contents of it? Let’s take a look at it together. The following is a description of the “Criteria for the use of cranes in the rental of cranes and the analysis of the contents of the work”.China overhead gantry for sale manufacturer

Requirements for the service life of large cranes

The cranes in large crane rentals are an important part of construction engineering, and the lifting technology is also the main content of many equipment installation technologies. At the same time, large crane rentals have the following requirements for the service life of large cranes:

1. When the bottom of the workpiece is transferred by the tail row, the tail transfer speed should match the lifting speed of the crane; when the vertical device is separated from the tail row, the elevation angle should be less than the critical angle;

2. When multiple large cranes work together, they should unify the command signal and command system, and should have command rules;

3. When the double crane is hoisted, the two main cranes should choose the big crane of the same specification type. The length of the boom, the working radius, the length of the running rope of the lifting pulley block and the length of the sling should be equal;

4. When a large crane is rented with a large crane and a rotary hinge to turn the workpiece, the crane should be located on the side of the workpiece and not in the danger zone; the horizontal component of the rotary hinge should have proper treatment measures.

5. Multiple crane hoisting should be monitored and a balancing device should be provided if necessary;

6. According to three points, the principle of a rigid body in a spatial orientation is determined, and a single lifting point is adopted for the tailing;

Large crane rental considers the crane load to be a concentrated load of movement, so it is necessary to study the change of the internal force of the beam under the action of the moving load of the beam.

The crane load is the concentrated load of the two sets of movement. One set is the moving vertical load P and the other is the moving horizontal load T. T acts on the top of the beam rail and does not pass through the bending center of the beam; while the vertical force P takes into account the possible deviation of the mounting rail (generally taking a deviation of 20 mm) and also deviates from the center of the bend. Therefore, the crane beam will produce bending moment, shear force and torque under the use of the corpse and the squad.

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