Stick to the Resisted Movement, Consuming ”Sugar” Effectively(I)

For diabetics, a combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercises (also known as resistance exercise) can achieve the best exercise results. Aerobic exercise is the consumption of “sugar” in the body, and the muscle exercise that is often neglected is changing the metabolic space of the human body. The better the muscle, the more metabolic energy it has, and the stronger the ability to consume the “sugar” in the body. A study in the United States shows that the combination of fast walking and dumbbells is best for patients with type 2 diabetes.Click Here For More.


Running and breathing: When running,Click Here For More. the pace is light and flexible, the soles of the feet are soft, the center of gravity is small and undulating, the left and right shaking is small, the stride is small, the movements are balanced, and running in a straight line. The slow running range is small and the running time is long: in running, the small step size is to actively reduce the strength of the muscle in each step, in order to extend the running time as much as possible. The most important effect of running length is that it can consume excess heat accumulated in the human body.Click Here For More. The intensity of jogging: the uniform speed of the specified distance (1500~3000 meters) is a moderate-intensity exercise, which is more suitable for obese people.

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