Tend of Entity Business Development in China

Recent years, following by social development and economic globalization, entity business have also developed in China. In 2018 more and more retail brands are opened and grew, meanwhile there are four tends should be become main stream of development. Hereby, let me state below,

  • Big data for supply-side reform, to personalized customization, flexible production

The retailer moved from B2C to C2B, and the development focus shifted from the market side to the supply side.Based on the new business infrastructure and consumer demand, we can use data to understand driving production and global marketing, supply chain is more flexible, manufacturing is more small and quick, and step forward to the “Internet + industry 4 .0”.


  • improve “infrastructure” and apply AI and Internet of things technology

The development of new retail requires retailers to integrate large data analysis, cloud computing, supply chain coordination, intelligent warehousing logistics and Internet marketing model. Accurately identify the needs of each user, personalized interaction, precision marketing, automatic pricing system. Future new retail technology innovation will focus on the following four aspects: customer acquisition technology, enhance consumer experience technology, improve retail efficiency technology, reduce retail cost technology.


  • Transformation of experiential retail, create “social + experience” shopping platform

To explore the added value of retail from the perspective of experience will be the focus of new retailers. Offline will extend from product experience to service experience including visual, selection, payment, interaction and so on. As online, through social media, provide consumers with more entertainment and social information value-added services.


  • Use all means to improve efficiency in all directions.

The essence of new retail is efficiency revolution. The “efficiency” we stated here is not only the operational efficiency, but also it is the efficiency of user competition. The better way to occupy the user’s cognition is to guide the consumer demand through the transmission of brand culture, value proposition, lifestyle and so on, and to influence the consumer decision-making invisibly.



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