The appearance of the three-dimensional garage has better solved the parking space problem

Parking is difficult, it is a problem that every car owner will encounter. The appearance of the three-dimensional garage has better solved the parking space problem, and also has higher requirements for the owner’s reversing technology.Best Parking Equipment System from China Manufacturer

1, three-dimensional garage parking attention to vehicle size

At present, there are two main types of stereo garages, namely, a lift-type three-dimensional garage and a building-type three-dimensional garage. Among them, the lift-type three-dimensional garage is generally seen in the basement of a large shopping mall or office building. The building-type three-dimensional garage is easy to park and will not be elaborated.

The appearance of the three-dimensional garage has better solved the parking space problem

Before entering the three-dimensional garage, we must first determine the size of the parking space. Most of the three-dimensional garages have clear restrictions on the length, width and height of the vehicles parked and the weight of the vehicles. If you are driving a medium-sized car and the following class cars, the impact is not great, but if it is a large car, pay special attention to the captain’s limit. The common three-dimensional garage car length standards are 4.7 meters, 5 meters and 5.2 meters.

2, novice 90 ° straight into the library is best

After finding a suitable parking space, you can reverse the car according to your daily reversing habits. For the novice, it is best to enter the warehouse at a right angle of 90°. If you are skilled, you can reverse the vehicle.

If you plan to go straight into the warehouse, it is best to leave 2 meters on the left side of the car and 1 meter on the right side. It is more convenient to reverse the adjustment. Since the space of the three-dimensional garage is generally not too large, it is first necessary to determine that the front of the car will not be picked up, and secondly, the distance between the side of the body and the obstacle is emphasized.

However, no matter what reversing method you use, you should leave a certain distance between the body and the parking space. If space is limited, try to ensure that there is a margin of about 2 meters, which is convenient for observation and detour. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the risk of smashing on the side of the body and the garage.

3, slow speed through the limit belt

In order to prevent the vehicle from accidentally falling down in the up and down movement, the three-dimensional garage company usually designs a slightly raised limit belt behind the parking space. It needs a slight throttle to drive the rear wheel. At this time, pay special attention to the throttle force to avoid the vehicle. Backward.

The final step of parking is to let the rear wheel over the limit belt. Since the limit belt generally has a slight slope, the driver needs to add a little throttle to the throttle, but you must pay attention to the control of the throttle force. Slowly add fuel, do not directly have a big throttle, or your tail is very easy to get hurt.

4, put away the rearview mirror, slow open trunk

When the vehicle is stopped, the rear view mirror is folded first when getting off the vehicle, so that the driver and passenger can get on and off the vehicle. In addition, when opening the door, pay attention to the distance between the door and the surrounding obstacles.

If you need to take things from the trunk, when you open the trunk cover, be sure to use your hand to prevent the trunk cover from bounced and hit the guard plate above the garage or the limit lever. The model of the electric trunk cover is required. According to the actual situation, control is performed by pressing the button.parking equipment manufacturers

5, do not head the car into the inner wheel difference angle is difficult to adjust

When parking in a three-dimensional garage, don’t be advanced, because the vehicle will have an inner wheel difference when turning (the difference between the turning radius of the front wheel and the turning radius of the inner and rear wheels when the vehicle turns). After the front of the car enters the parking space, the rear end of the car cannot enter. There will be a risk of side skirts slamming the iron plate at the bottom of the parking space.

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