The Edge Of Science And Technology(I)

Along with development of science and technology around the world,click here the most of good technologies have been applied in sorts of sectors such as AI to predict fashion development, 5G opening on longest cross sea bridge, post to be delivered by Robot and so on. So many novelty and curious things around us, may effect us life style and improve our life’s level. Certainly, technological development is the essential result of world and human development. As every people dwelling on the earth never know how is the future of world, how is the human’s future? But I trust the good and brand new future with advanced technologies welcomes us.

The future of fashion depends on AI?

The fashion is always the key to effect clothes’ industries for development. click hereMany fashion companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help predict tendency of the future fashion. A system detects the color, pattern, size and composition of clothes in social media images and e-commerce here

Behind the company, AI can help find out what is popular in local and global here Britain handles more than 300,000 tons of clothing every year, so waste can be reduced only by producing clothing that can be sold. But can the computers really predict the style of next season? We will expect and wait for the good result.

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