The Great Olympic Games

The Great Olympic Games (Greek: Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες French: Jeux olympiques; English: Olympic Games) referred to as the “Olympic” is the largest comprehensive Games hosted by the International Olympic Committee in the world, every four years, normally no more than 16 days, is the world’s most influential games and sports event. It is divided into Summer Olympic Games, Summer Paralympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games, Summer Youth Olympic Games, Winter Youth Olympic Games, World Summer Special Olympic Games, World Winter Special Olympic Games. The summer Olympic Games for the deaf and the Winter Olympics for the deaf.

Profile of Olympic Games

  • The Olympic Games are under the guidance of Olympism, with sports and the quadrennial Olympic as celebration. Olympic Games contents promotes the all-round development of human physiology, psychology and social morality, communicating the mutual understanding among people of all countries, popularizing Olympism and safeguarding world peace as an international community movement.


  • On June 23, 1894, when Le baron Pierre De Coubertin, a French educator honored as the “father of the Olympics”, and 79 representatives from 12 countries decided to establish the International Olympic Committee and initiate the Olympic Movement together, this feat was once the object of irony. Today, one hundred years later, the Olympic Games have become a festival of universal celebration, and the Olympic Movement has attracted the active participation of 202 countries and regions.


  • The Olympic Movement is a rare masterpiece of human society. It exerts various functions of sports incisively and vividly, and its influence goes far beyond the scope of sports. It has exerted a series of impacts that can not be ignored in many aspects such as politics, economy, philosophy, culture, art and news media in the contemporary world.


  • The Olympic Movement is the product of the age. The Industrial Revolution has greatly expanded the economic, political and cultural links among the races of the world. The contacts between each countries are becoming closer and closer. It is urgent to strengthen international understanding through various means of communication. The Olympic Movement is just to meet the needs of this society, and is the inevitable outcome of the development of human society to a certain stage.


  • The Youth Olympic Games is an international event for young people. It is the highest comprehensive sporting event for young people in the world. The age limit for competitors is set at 14 to 18 years old. Most of the events are the same as the Olympic Games, but a few are different. The Youth Olympic Games is held by every four years, the Summer Youth Olympic Games longest almost 12 days.

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