The Historical Culture of Canada(II)

However, in the late seventeenth century, France swept her European enemies and became the most powerful country on the European continent. The French government began to pay attention to its overseas colonial empire. Especially during the period from 1638 to 1715, the ambitious Louis XIV stepped up the reconstruction of the overseas empire. He sent troops to suppress the Iroquois of the Canadian Indians, appointed the new French governor, and invested heavily in the region to move into a large population. All of this has a serious conflict with the interests of the British Empire. The seven-year war between Britain and France that broke out in 1756 is also inevitable. In 1763, the United Kingdom won, “New France” then turned into the Quebec province of the British Empire, and Canada has entered the era of British rule.

The British Canadian era was an important period in Canadian history. In this historical period, a free, democratic, and independent country began to take shape. In the beginning, the British rulers pursued the assimilation of the French Canadian policy in the Quebec region, but this policy clearly does not apply to the region. Due to the influx of British immigrants, Quebec’s sunrise and sunset still have a strong French color. British rulers began to realize that it is impossible to use one of the cultures to lead other cultures in a multicultural society. Therefore, the Quebec Act of 1774 officially established the parallel status of British criminal law and French civil law in Quebec. This bill can be seen as the burgeoning of Canada’s multiculturalism policy today.

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