The main reason for the pump noise of the lifting platform

Hydraulic lift oil pump oil leakage, noise and solutions work for a long time, some lift pumps will have many bad phenomena, such as oil leakage, noise, etc. The following lift equipment for everyone to analyze, this phenomenon and reaction mode: lifting platform Pump leakage is mainly a long-running pump, and the rotation of the rotary seal shaft of the shaft causes long-term wear. Replace the appropriate seal immediately.China Best Hydraulic Scissor Lift Manufacturer

The main reason for the pump noise of the lifting platform is as follows:

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(1) The oil filter of the oil pump suction port is blocked. Increase oil resistance, resulting in increased noise. The above problem also applies to sludge stations, but when the lubrication gear is a spray gear. This makes it difficult to mix oil and air to generate noise. For example, the fuel tank is small. Can only be added to the tank correctly.

(2) The system is not sealed. The hydraulic oil draws in a large amount of air, which increases the pump noise. If the pump end cover is not tight, or the suction pipe is not tightened.

(3) Pump motor coupling gap casting has good tuning, basically 1-1.5mm. The oil pump and the motor are not on the same axis, and abnormal noise is also emitted.

(4) Oil viscosity. Especially in the winter, the oil flow is very poor, coupled with the fine oil return of the oil reducer. Pumps often take aspiration. Noise, can only increase the oil pump to the pressure reducer section of the tubing. Heat the oil to increase the flow of oil.

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