The Most Clever Marine Animal(I)

Actually there are a lot of marine animals are also very clever. Merely we never touch and contact with them. Meanwhile, the Octopus, sharks, dolphins and whale are well known as clever marine animal by the most of people. However, we seldom meet them except visit to marine zoo. By this time, I mainly elaborate and focus on the octopus and let the most of readers know about here

Morphological Character

There are more than 252 breeds of marine mollusks belonging to 26 genera of the octopus hereĀ  Octopus body is short oval, cystic, finless; the division between head and body is not obvious, the head and carcass of octopus is about 7-9.5 cm. The head has large compound eyes and 8 contractile limbed mollusc of the order Octopoda. Each limb has two rows of succulent suckers. The limb of Octopusocellatus is about 12 cm, and the limb of Octopus variabilis is about 48.5 centimeters long. The limb of common octopus reaches to 32.5 centimeters. Climbing with the limb at ordinary times, it can hold things vigorously.

The most well-known octopus in this family is O. vulgaris (Common Octopus), which is medium-sized and widely distributed in tropical and temperate seas all over the world. It lives in caves or crevices on rocky seabed and is invisible. It is considered to be the most intelligent invertebrate with highly developed pigmented cells that can change body color very here

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