The Right Running Way to Lose Weight (II)

How long does it take to lose weight every day?

How long does it take to lose weight after jogging? You can lose weight by running for 30 minutes a day. First, run for 5 minutes with great relaxation and consider it as a warm-up preparation activity. Then speed up for 30 seconds, then use 30 seconds to slow down the speed, and finally run for 60 seconds. In the end, the 60-second speed is faster than the 30-second acceleration, but it is not the speed of the sprint. It should be gradually accelerating and running at the speed as fast as possible. The 30 seconds in the middle is not jogging, just slow down and “cache” the next stage of the run.

Click Here For More. Find a ring road without a motor vehicle and take the entire journey with no effort for 3 to 5 minutes. After finishing the warm-up preparation activities, the ring speed began to run, and it was time to record. Jogging for more than 30 minutes a day is the most conducive to weight loss, but a strong exercise time should not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise it will produce hunger.

The best time to lose weight

Running is one of the easiest sports to do. It can be done around your own home, as long as there is a runway-like place to start right away. So, when is the best time to lose weight?

It is said that after a night of metabolism, plants exhale a lot of carbon dioxide, so the concentration of carbon dioxide in the woods in the morning is relatively high, and some dust also floats in the air, which is detrimental to human health. In addition, people’s blood pressure is relatively high in the morning and is prone to problems. As for the carbon dioxide in the morning air, the pollution is serious, but it is not the main reason. It is not absolute when to exercise the best, it varies from person to person. If you want lose weight, in order to increase the memory of sports skills, the morning is very good. When people woke up in the morning, they had already consumed almost the energy they ate last night. At this time, not eating and exercising, it would lead to a result – “burning” fat. Because there is no energy in the morning, there is still a part of glycogen in the liver. When the concentration of these glycogens is reduced to a certain extent, fat “burning” will become the dominant mode of energy supply, which makes weight loss possible. Therefore, morning exercise has special benefits for weight loss and prevention and treatment of fatty liver.

Do some exercise at 9-10 am

This time period is the most active stage of the body’s performance. The metabolic rate is the highest in one day. At this time, the exercise progresses one day’s basal metabolic rate and quickly consumes body fat. This stage is suitable for some aerobic exercise, which is very good for stretching the muscles of the body. This time is the best time for running and losing weight.

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