The role of computers in today’s society

The change of human social life is ultimately determined by social productivity. The role of the primary productive forces of social science and technology is becoming more and more prominent. Information science and technology is the leading factor in the modern advanced science and technology system, and the social informationization it causes will be rapid. Changing the appearance of society and changing people’s production methods and lifestyles has a huge impact on social life.Click Here For More.

Click Here For More. Information, in terms of its meaning, includes two meanings, one is the meaning expressed by the information itself, that is, the content of the information; the second is the tool for transmitting information. The carrier of information, information technology is the acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, display and application of information, such as remote sensing technology, telemetry technology, communication technology, computer technology, optical disc technology, various display terminal technologies. Information technology includes both the production and application of information technology. The production of information technology is mainly embodied in the information technology industry, including computer hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, microelectronics production, etc. The application of information technology is reflected in the proliferation of information technology, including information services and management information systems. In information technology systems, microelectronics, communication technology, computer technology and network technology can be called the core of information technology. Their development process reflects the development of information technology. From the perspective of microelectronics, since the invention of the transistor in 1948, the first integrated circuit was introduced in 1958, which triggered a microelectronic revolution. Microelectronics technology enables more and more complex electronic systems to be integrated into a small piece of silicon. In this way, miniaturization, low energy consumption of electronic devices and systems are possible.

According to statistics, at the end of 1999, there were more than 260 million Internet users and 9.56 million sites worldwide, Click Here For More. with e-commerce turnover reaching more than 240 billion US dollars; China has 8.9 million Internet users and 15,000 sites. It is estimated that after 3 years, there will be 500 million Internet users and 21 million sites worldwide. The e-commerce turnover will reach 1.3 trillion US dollars; China’s Internet users will reach 37 million and 50,000 sites. The social informatization triggered by information science and technology is profoundly changing the form of society, the mode of economic growth, the way of life, and has a tremendous impact on all aspects of social life.In the industrial society, the main way of economic development is to realize by means of resource input. The way of industrialized processing of resources is a way of achieving high consumption and high pollution, which will inevitably lead to the depletion of natural resources and industrial pollution. The social informationization caused by information science and technology provides technical possibilities for countries to get rid of the high-input, high-consumption and high-pollution economic development mode. The development of informatization has created a new way of economic growth, that is, relying on scientific and technological progress, rather than high resources and high investment to promote economic growth. At present, in developed countries, the rate of scientific and technological progress on economic growth has reached 60%-80%.

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