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It is really happy thing to travel worldwide, meanwhile I recommend to you about countries in Southeast Asia. Certainly, accurately means it is Malaysia. Have you ever travelled to Malacca of Malaysia? It is worth to try a while. So many great historical relics and historical buildings erecting on the square. At the first, Queen Victoria, the next is Maritime Museum, and St. Paul’s Church. I will introduce you these three scenic spots as well.

Queen Victoria

The fountain of Vitoria is located in the red house square (Dutch Square) of Malacca. It is a symbol of British colonial ruler. It was also a colonial office, and across the Malacca River through the Bridge of Malacca River, it was the Chinatown where the Malaysian Chinese lived. This Fountain is very old age till now because it was built in 1901, like all other fountains, there are always visitors to throw coins inside to wish.


Maritime Museum

This building is very famous in Malacca, and is located in the ship named Flor De La Mar, an fabricated old ship. In the Maritime Museum, there are so many historical relics and related pictures and data to be collected including maps and charts at that time. Do not forget this is a port city so the old and cumbersome containers are also on display.


Gereja St. Paul

St. Paul’s Church was built in 1521 by the Portuguese together with St. Paul’s Castle. It is the oldest church built by Europeans in Southeast Asia. Because the famous missionary Saint Francis was buried here, the statue of St. Francis priest was erected in front of the church. The statue was white and was sculpted very vividly, but it be without right hand. According to legend the Dutchman did not believe the Portuguese missionary was unbeaten after his death, so he was exhumed and cut off his right hand, resulting in bloodshed. The frightened Dutchman regarded him as sacred and prepared the statue for him in front of the church. Every weekend, the descendants of Holland in Malacca come to worship him.

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