Travel to Penang Hill(I)

Malaysia is tropical country with many good landscapes and famous scenic spots. Meanwhile, famous islands as Redang, Pangkor, Langkawi and so on always attract tourists’ coming, and for famous hill actually I may recommend two as reference, one is about Penang Hill and another is about Genting Highland. Today let us know about Penang Hill as well.Click Here For More.

Brief of Penang Hill

The flag-raising mountain (in Malay is called Bukit Bendera, Bukit is a mountain, Click Here For More. Bendera is a flag, Penang Hill is called by Malaysia Chinese in Penang), and Penang Hill is located in the north of central Penang, 821 meters above sea level, take a mountain cable car, about 45 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.Click Here For More. The cable car was opened to traffic in 1923, and it still uses the cable pulling operation mode of 78 years ago.

The main foothills of Penang are Western Hill, Tiger Hill and Strawberry Hill. They are summer resorts for local residents. The main peak is 830 meters high, the highest point of Penang. In the past, most of the senior British officials lived here. Soldiers at the foot of the mountain used the flag signal to convey important messages, which is the origin of the name of the flag-raising mountain.Click Here For More.

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