Two installation methods of photovoltaic brackets

There are two installation methods for the installation of photovoltaic brackets. There are two ways to use them. In general, many people will ignore the two methods, because in some cases the connection method is matched with the photovoltaic bracket Black Z purlin cold bending manufacture, and there is no time for sale. Remind that it can only be guaranteed to be used during the use of the PV system, but in some special occasions, it has to consider some of its connection methods and is more suitable for the use of its own PV system.

The two direct connection methods of photovoltaic are the main classification, one is the welding one is the connection.

The welding method is a very strong connection method, which can be suitable for some large-scale photovoltaic systems. Because the material requirements are too high, the objects used are mostly angle steel, C-shaped steel, square steel and other materials. The process requirements are relatively low but the welding procedure is strict. Need to carefully check each welding process, so that the entire photovoltaic system structure is simple and clear, now is the most important connection method, providing very good stability and corrosion resistance in the automation system, the maximum cutting point is high cost and There is a problem with disassembly.

A combination of the two can be divided into several types of connections, such as riveting, bolting, and beam clamps.

The biggest advantage is that it is easy to assemble and install, has great flexibility, can be assembled quickly and efficiently, and the combined strength can also be very good according to the selected combination parts. It is convenient to repair and maintain, but the disadvantages are also obvious. Uneven force and high requirements for the combined process.

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