Unified Supervision Over Shared Bicycles in China

Recently there is new policy from related Governmental Dept. in capital Beijing, China. Beijing Municipal Transport Commission was informed that Beijing is now stepping up the formulation of standardizing the development of shared bikes, which will clarify and standardize the respective responsibilities of the government, enterprises and lessees (Shared bike Users) involved, the standardized operation and management of enterprises, parking order provisions, supervision and penalties for violations, and the expansion of parking spaces in centralized parking areas. However, some experts pointed out that the above-mentioned policies still need a lot of government manpower to supervise when they land, and the enterprises also need to allocate manpower to cooperate with supervision and maintenance.

Both illegal enterprises and users be punished

“Although the Traffic Commission did not specify the object of penalty for sharing bicycle violations, according to the previous policy, if sharing bicycle parking disorderly, enterprises and users may be punished, enterprises may be fined, users may face credit reduction or small fines.” related analyst and expert statement.


Industry analysis, Beijing to step up the formulation of guidance, because the standardizing and regulating shared bicycles is imminent. Nearly 1,000 shared bicycles have gathered in front of the Bawangfen East Bus Station on Dawang Road in the East Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, occupying the pedestrian corridor area and affecting the normal operation of buses and buses, media reported recently.


It is said that this is because many white-collar workers who work in nearby office buildings live in the suburbs of Yanjiao and change buses at the Bawangfengdong Bus stop on a shared bicycle every day after work, but when they go to work in the morning, these people will choose the shared bikes across the road, resulting in the shared bicycles alongside the bus stop “more coming, less going.” Finally, these bikes accumulated such like a mountain.


Landing policy still needs a lot of financial input

The industry pointed out that although supervision has been strengthened, Beijing is still facing problems such as different regions with different regulatory efforts. Last week, Beijing’s Xicheng District has designated the city’s first shared bicycle parking area, while Shijingshan District has implemented a policy of “recommended parking spaces”, which is relatively loose compared with Xicheng District. In Fengtai District, Mobai shared bike, a famous shared bike company in China, will send special personnel to manage bicycles, and the bicycles scattered outside the parking area will be put in place in time by special personnel.

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