Watching out, About Disadvantages of Steel Structure(I)

Certainly, steel structure is main building materials application because of its excellent features such as good strength, light weight, materials’ uniformity, toughness, short period of construction, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. After these excellent advantages, you may consider steel structure is really unparalleled and unmatched. However, the most of people forget that steel structure also get its disadvantages. The main disadvantages as 4 of points according to my collection.Click Here For More.

Structural members as small stiffness, instability problems prominently

Because of the light weight and high strength of steel, members not only have small cross-section size, but also have open or closed cross-section composed of section steel or steel plate. Under the same boundary conditions and load conditions, compared with traditional concrete members, steel members have larger slenderness ratio, smaller lateral stiffness and torsional stiffness than concrete members, and are prone to lose overall stability; slabs with larger width-thickness ratio are prone to lose local stability; and the overall stability of large-span space steel structures is also more prominent, which these are the most problematic links in steel structure design.

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