Water Bear(I)

Any bear can live in the water? Wow, do not think the water bear is one kind of bear which live in the water. Actually it is Tardigrada, so called water bear. Perhaps Ant 2 of Marvels has already shown about water bear, but it does not mean you may know it very well. Actually the most of children or adults may think this is not real organism, merely the fiction in movie or what else. Now I tell you water bear is real biology in the world. Again, perhaps you feel so amazing and curious, then let us have a read about my post of water bear.Click Here For More.


Water bears, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are nicknamed “little water bear”, which is commonly known as Tardigrada. There are about 900 species recorded, many of which are worldwide distributed.

Water bears are tiny, with a minimum of 50 microns and a maximum of 1.4 millimeters. They must be seen with a microscope. The surface of the body is covered with a water film, which is used to avoid drying and breathe oxygen from the water film.

Water bears are known to be the most viable creatures on Earth. They can survive in outer space without protective measures. They can survive in the Himalaya mountains (more than 6,000 meters, found at 5546 meters), hot springs, Antarctica and the deep sea (less than 4,000 meters).

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