What difference between the children beaten and not beaten

Recently, I read a discussion on the Internet about the difference between the children who grew up with being beaten and the children who had never been beaten. I think this topic is very interesting. We, as children’s mothers and fathers but also parents’ children; with fresh childhood experience still in memory; children’s imminent education, are necessary to think about this problem.


In Asia a lot of experienced old people say that children have to fight when they are young. Every family used to beat their children, and they have no psychological problems. Certainly, this is also the view of many present mothers and fathers, that children should be given a little frustration education, sometimes there is only one child in the family with more spoiled love. When we often feel that the child is too indulgent and not obedient, then can only use this way.



On the other hand and according to many experts, beating a child can leave a psychological shadow on the child, even if the child is adjusted in time, in his subconscious there is often the lack of security. It will affect the form of children interacting with other people, and then affect their character, behavior and fate.



If we summarize the difference between a child who has been beaten regularly and a child who has not been beaten, then different people have different feelings. I think a child who is used to being beaten will become very strong in his inner heart, but when they grow up and do not need to face the beating, the missing things will become his very strong desire, and then his vulnerability will gradually show out. A child who has not been beaten may experience a blow that no one spoil and care to him/her when the child first enters into society. But when he gets out of the pain, he will return to self-confidence, and as the children time the love given by his parents will become a strong support for them.


Certainly, There will be exception in the outcome of two experiences. We have seen kids who were chased and beaten with ran all over the street by their parents when they were little. These kids look so mischievous and naughty that they don’t fear being beaten. Their experience in job has been as beyond all expectations after they grew up. I also have seen the children who have never been beaten before, then they are willful and arrogant and can not bear any grievance.

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