What is Marketing Economy(I)

Commonality of foreign market economic models

The rich practice of the economies of the world has made the economic model increasingly integrated on the basis of diversity. The modern market economy has the following common characteristics:

(1) Marketization of resource allocation. Resource allocation refers to the general term for the means and methods for allocating resources in all aspects of society and economy, in order to achieve optimal. The fundamental difference between the market economy and the planned economy is that it is not based on customs, habits or administrative orders to allocate resources, but to make the market become the link of the entire social and economic connection and become the main way of resource allocation. In the economic operation, all kinds of resources of the society enter the market directly or indirectly, and the market supply and demand form the price, which in turn guides the free flow of resources between various departments and enterprises, so that the social resources are properly allocated.

(2) The rights, responsibilities and interests of economic agents are clearly defined. The economic behaviors of economic actors such as families, enterprises and governments are all subject to the rules of market competition and related laws, giving corresponding rights, responsibilities and interests, and becoming different stakeholders with clear income and risk awareness. If the rights and responsibilities of the economic actors are not clearly defined, then the micro level of the subject, especially the enterprise, will be difficult to become a real autonomy market competition subject.

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