Tools of Indoor Plants

The most of people like green, like plants because it will make people to feel comfortable, quiet and the main reason is about decoration of scenes. Meanwhile, indoor plants will show this feature obviously. When you prepare some indoor plants (or houseplants) to ornament your home as putting them on appropriate position, you may find that is amazing to your house design. Absolutely let you feel joyful and always with good mood during this kinds of environment which be surrounded by indoor plants. However, if you plan to prepare some good indoor plants and care them very well, as my kind suggestion, you should prepare enough professional tools. Certainly, the most of these tools are steel material so I recommend to you that stainless steel should be your best choice because of its good quality without rust issue and durable feature. Well, about tools of indoor plants, let me tell you what exactly you have to prepare below,

Self-watering Pot

This is basic tool for houseplants. Because the most of white-collar or lazy men do not hope to care its plants every day, self-watering pot will help you to water your plants as saving your the most of time.

Indoor watering Can

Potted flowers or Potted plants is usually equipped with a watering can. Generally there are two types of watering can such as fixed long-billed watering can, knock down long-billed watering pot. Even if you own self-watering pot, you have to buy one indoor watering can because you have to fill the water into pot periodically.


Actually indoor pruners divide into two categories, one is the pruner with spring, another one is the pruner without spring. Its feature and function is mainly to help you to cut unnecessary stems and light branches from indoor plants.

Hand Transplanter

It is very useful to transplant and avoid to hurt the cute and delicate plants. Certainly, transplanting seedling also applied hand transplanter.

Hand Fork

Perhaps the most of people have no idea about hand fork usage. Let me tell you what exactly hand fork does. Actually this is quiet different between outdoor plants and indoor plants. Normally we use hand fork to release soil inside pot so that we may fertilize it easily and make the plants intake the nutrients easily. Certainly, sometimes we also use hand fork to clear up and sort out the root of plants.

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