Building a Harmonious Symbiosis Relationship Between Man and Nature

In the report, Xi Jinping pointed out that the reform of the ecological civilization system should be accelerated and the beautiful China should be built.

Man and nature are communities of life, and human beings must respect nature, conform to nature, and protect nature. The modernization we want to build is the modernization of harmony between man and nature. We must create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet the people’s growing needs for better life. We must also provide more high-quality ecological products to meet the people’s growing and environmental needs. We must adhere to the principle of saving priority, protecting priority, and restoring nature, forming a spatial pattern, industrial structure, production methods, and lifestyle that conserves resources and protects the environment. Giving back to nature a quiet, harmonious, and beautiful environment.Click Here For More.

Promote green development

Click Here For More. Accelerate the establishment of a legal system and policy orientation for green production and consumption, and establish and improve an economic system for the development of a green and low-carbon cycle. Establish a market-oriented green technology innovation system, develop green finance, expand the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, clean production industry and clean energy industry. Promote energy production and consumption revolution, and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Promote comprehensive resource conservation and recycling, implement national water conservation actions, reduce energy consumption and material consumption, and realize circular links between production systems and living systems. Advocate simple and modest, green and low-carbon lifestyles, oppose extravagant waste and unreasonable consumption.


Focus on solving outstanding environmental problems

Adhere to the common rule of the whole people,Click Here For More.  prevention and control of the source, continue to implement air pollution prevention and control actions, and win the blue sky defense war. Accelerate the prevention and control of water pollution and implement comprehensive management of river basin environment and coastal waters. Strengthen the control and restoration of soil pollution, strengthen the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, and carry out rural human settlements environmental remediation actions. Strengthen solid waste and waste disposal. Improve pollution discharge standards, strengthen the responsibility of polluters, and improve the system of environmental credit evaluation, mandatory disclosure of information, and severe punishment. Construct an environmental governance system with government-led, enterprise-oriented, social organizations and the public. Actively participate in global environmental governance and implement emission reduction commitments.

Increase the protection of ecosystems


Implement important ecosystem protection and restoration major projects, optimize ecological safety barrier systems, build ecological corridors and biodiversity conservation networks, and improve ecosystem quality and stability. Complete the three lines of control of the ecological protection red line, permanent basic farmland, and urban development boundary. Carry out national greening actions, promote desertification, rocky desertification, and comprehensive management of soil erosion, strengthen wetland protection and restoration, prevention and control of geological disasters. Improve the natural forest protection system and expand the return of farmland to forests and grasslands. Strictly protect cultivated land, expand the pilot of fallow, improve the system of recuperation of forests and lakes in cultivated grassland, and establish a market-oriented and diversified ecological compensation mechanism.

Natural Wonders in China(I)

China is a beautiful country, it has not only rich human landscape but natural wonders. There is vast territory and abundant resources, different season has different scenery. The nature is magical, it creates so many magnificent scenery for us.

Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

Located at an elevation of nearly 3000m, Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve is a World Natural Heritage, National Geopark and the first preserve set up for natural landscape in China. Waters in Jiuzhaigou Valley is superior to all unnecessary is the perfect description of this fairy tale world, where affords fantastic springs, waterfalls, rivers and shoals. The geopark contains 74 national reserve rare plants, 18 precious animals and abundant ancient fossils and glacial landform. Rare wild animals like Giant Panda, Golden Monkey and the natural habitat are the key protected objects.

Named after the nine Tibetan villages in the canyon, Jiuzhaigou is world famous for the natural diversity of beautiful emerald lakes, double waterfalls, colorful forests, snow-capped peaks, glacier ice and Tibetan folks (Six Wonders of Jiuzhaigou). Among the108 mountain lakes in different size and colors, Five Flower Lake in light yellow, dark green, deep blue and other colors are the dramatic spot and marvellous essence of Jiuzhaigou. Nuorilang Waterfall of 270m wide and 24.5 high are the broadest waterfall in China. In 2016, Jiuzhaigou received a total of 7.2 million tourists, has an increase of 12.5% over 2015. The total tourism revenue was 9.01 billion yuan, increase 5.4%. Among them, 180,000 inbound tourists were received, increase 12.7%, and foreigners from tourism was US$38.99 million, increase 16.5%. It received 7.02 million domestic tourists, increase 9.1%, and the total domestic tourism revenue was 8.761 billion yuan.

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