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Taxpayers receiving continuing education can enjoy a monthly remission of 400 yuan for their degree and 3600 yuan for their professional qualification education for a maximum of 48 months. Serious illness taxpayers deduct self-expenditure medical expenses (between 15,000 yuan and 80,000 yuan) from taxable income every year. If a taxpayer or his spouse has a mortgage loan for the first house, he or she may deduct 1,000 yuan from the amount of taxable income each month. Taxpayers without housing in their cities can deduct housing rent of 18,000 yuan per year.Click Here For More.

For only-child taxpayers with their parents over 60 years of age, a maximum of 2,000 yuan is deducted from their taxable income each month. Certainly, for two or more than two children at home, meanwhile the brothers or sisters can share the deduction amount of 2,000 yuan.

News about Canada

Canadian Economy Exceeds Expectations in October, 2018. The workers watch manufacturers and distributors of seamless steel tubes at Bri-Steel, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on June 21, 2018. Statistics released by Statistics Canada on Friday showed that the Canadian economy grew by 0.3% in October since September, higher than expected, boosted by strong manufacturing, finance and insurance sectors. Analysts surveyed from Reuters had expected monthly gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 0.2%. Fifteen of the 20 industrial sectors, or about 80% of the total economy, achieved growth, Statscan said.

For Bank of Canada President Stephen Poloz, the announcement is likely to be a surprise. Earlier this month, he complained that the economic data entering the fourth quarter were weaker than expected. Manufacturing increased by 0.7 per cent as machinery, primary metals, chemicals and food production increased. As bond and money market activity increased, the financial and insurance industries grew by 0.9%. Wholesale trade grew by 1.0%, while utilities grew by 1.5%. This was due to the unusually cold weather, which led to an increase in demand for heating and electricity.

News Around The World(I)

Today, showing all readers about related global news involved in Technology domain, Climate change, Educational domain and so on. Here we go, let us review about these events happened recently, at the first, China new satellite launched, following as teachers will be banned if abusing children is caught in China. Certainly, London Bridges had to face a crowd of protesters about climate change here

Twin Beidu Satellites Launched

China has launched twin Beidou-3 satellite at 02:07 on Monday successfully according to China Daily.

China successfully launched the twin Beidou 3 satellite on Monday, so that the domestic development of satellite system will extend its coverage to the countries involved in the “one belt and one way” initiative by the end of the here

These satellites were launched on the Long March 3B carrier rocket of Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwestern China. These are the 46th and 47th of Beidou Navigation Satellite here

“The two satellites are also the 18th and 19th of the Beidou-3 series, click here third generation of Beidou,” said Yang Changfeng, chief designer of the Beidou satellite system. “They run about 36,000 km above the Earth.”

“Working with 17 other Beidou-3 satellites already in orbit, the basic satellite constellation of Beidou-3 will finish its establishment by year’s end,” he said. “By then, the network will provide basic navigation service for countries or regions participating in the Belt and Road initiative.”

How Powerful is United States?

The United States is indeed the world powerful nation, from economic, scientific, military, diplomatic, and other aspects.

Firstly, economic strength, the United States’ GDP is the world’s first, the United States’ 2016 GDP is 18.56 trillion dollars, China’s 2016 GDP is 11.39 trillion dollars ranks second in the world, but China’s population is nearly 1.4 billion, while the US population with a population of more than 300 million, there is still a gap between China and the United States.

Secondly, the US military manufacturing industry and information technology are at the forefront of the world. For a long time, other countries are insurmountable. The US military industry is always at the top of manufacturing. The United States holds the core technology of military manufacturing, compared with other countries, the distance is different by several decades. Because of this, in some countries with relatively backward military R&D capabilities, even if they are already outdated equipment in the United States, they have to buy them at a high price. Therefore, the foreign military sales orders of United States every year, ranking first in the world.

Thirdly, Click Here For More. the United States has the best technology companies, and these companies have to invest a lot of research and development funds each year. Therefore, the innovation ability of American companies is the world’s number one, and the world’s top 500 companies, the United States accounts for the majority. The innovation ability of American is really strong and they are wiling to create some fresh things that other people don’t find out.

Fourthly, in terms of education, American higher education is the best in the world, such as world-famous Colombia University and MIT. So there are many wealthy families in our country who want to send their children to famous universities in the United States for further study. Most of the Nobel Prize winners are Americans each year.

Fifthly, the international currency status of the dollar is unparalleled. In the past, the euro also competed with it. Now that the countries in the euro zone have unified their economies, they have no unified finance, and the economic development of these countries is different. Therefore, the euro is inherently flawed. The United States is different. The dollar hegemony has been in existence for many years. The US dollar is now both an international transaction settlement currency and a currency for the bulk commodities. It is also the reserve currency of the world. At least most countries recognize that the US dollar is hard currency.

Sixthly, the United States now has the largest aircraft carrier battle group in the world. More than 10 aircraft carriers are in all parts of the world, and they have maintained fighting power all the year round. The United States has more military expenditures than the sum of the top ten countries in the world. Therefore, we often hear about which countries the United States imposes economic sanctions on, and send the fleet to blockade. Without strong military power, economic sanctions and blockades are jokes.

The Upcoming Black Friday(I)

What is the Black Friday? American Christmas purchases generally start after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of every year in November. So its second day is the first day of American big purchases. On this day, American malls will launch a large number of discounts and promotions to carry out the last large-scale promotion at the end of the year. Because American shopping malls generally record deficits with red pens, and record profits with black pens, and the crazy buying of people this Friday after Thanksgiving has greatly increased the profits of shopping malls, so they are called Black Friday by merchants. Merchants expect to get the most profit for the year through the big Christmas purchases that started this day.

Black Friday 2018 isn’t just another day of deals, it’s the biggest buying holiday in the United States. As online purchases have grown year over year, online Black Friday deals shopping has grown right along with it. Though there are still quite a few retailers offering special in-store discounts, the majority of the Black Friday ads show savings will also be available online this year. This shift to an ecommerce model is great for anyone who enjoys browsing deals in their pajamas, but it also creates an overwhelming scope of savings to sift through.

On Black Friday, most shops open at five or six in the morning, some even earlier. Merchants will also advertise in the newspapers a few days before Thanksgiving, issue coupons, and significantly reduce the price of goods to attract customers. Many consumers see this day as a golden moment for preparing Christmas gifts or buying bargains. Due to the limited number of price-cutting products, many popular stores will line up in the front of the night. Since each merchant has to publish its list of price-cut goods at the last minute, and regards this as a trade secret, the price reduction information obtained from various channels has often appeared on the Internet a few weeks ago, which has led to some legal disputes.

There is a question: generally speaking, yes they are–although in some cases the discounts have been negotiated well in advance with suppliers, so they’re not as spontaneous as the sellers might have you believe. As with any sales event, you’ll see a mixture of genuine bargains, discounted end-of-line stock and strange things found in the back of a warehouse somewhere. In 2016, consumer magazine ‘Which?’ accused retailers of some pretty dodgy behavior. If you avoid the slightly-shifty stuff, though, you can get some really great deals. For example, last year we got tons of money off 5K iMacs, Hi-Res audio players, wireless headphones and tons of Christmas presents. And some TechRadar writers were physically restrained from spending all our savings on electric guitars, which were getting some serious discounting on high-end models.

And there are still many information about the Black Friday that maybe you are interested in.

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Do Not Underestimate Our Intelligence

Namibian president said “do not underestimate our wisdom.” after The “concern” of the Chinese government from Germany Politician.


Some Western countries and the media have spared no effort to hype the so-called “threat and influence” of China on Africa, which has made African leaders unable to listen and have begun to “fight back”. CNN reporter has just been resent by the president of Kenya, and the former speaker of the Bundestag in Germany was again defeated by the president of Namibia.

Main Content

Norbert Lammert, former Speaker of the German Bundestag, recently traveled to Namibia to express two “concerns” about President Hage Geingob, according to the Africa media “Namibians” local time on Tuesday. The first, China’s growing influence on Namibia and the second point, the growing corruption in the country. Base on this, Geingob said in a statement at the presidential palace, “please do not underestimate our intelligence.”


Norbert Lammert served as Speaker of the German Bundestag from 2005 to 2017 and is currently chairman of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), a political foundation with a CDU background. He is here to celebrate the foundation of the establishment 30th anniversary in Namibia and Angola.

President Geingob told Lammert that other countries’ “worries” about China’s influence in Namibia are “annoying”, which assumes that Africans are still children and are not mature enough to deal with the world’s major powers.


The president added that Europeans may think they can deal with the Chinese because they are mature and Africans are poor and they will only be bribed. “If the Chinese come to violate our laws, we will deal with them according to law. So just like welcoming the Germans and others, we also welcome the Chinese to come to Namibia. Please do not underestimate our wisdom.” Geingob said.

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Unified Supervision Over Shared Bicycles in China

Recently there is new policy from related Governmental Dept. in capital Beijing, China. Beijing Municipal Transport Commission was informed that Beijing is now stepping up the formulation of standardizing the development of shared bikes, which will clarify and standardize the respective responsibilities of the government, enterprises and lessees (Shared bike Users) involved, the standardized operation and management of enterprises, parking order provisions, supervision and penalties for violations, and the expansion of parking spaces in centralized parking areas. However, some experts pointed out that the above-mentioned policies still need a lot of government manpower to supervise when they land, and the enterprises also need to allocate manpower to cooperate with supervision and maintenance.

Both illegal enterprises and users be punished

“Although the Traffic Commission did not specify the object of penalty for sharing bicycle violations, according to the previous policy, if sharing bicycle parking disorderly, enterprises and users may be punished, enterprises may be fined, users may face credit reduction or small fines.” related analyst and expert statement.


Industry analysis, Beijing to step up the formulation of guidance, because the standardizing and regulating shared bicycles is imminent. Nearly 1,000 shared bicycles have gathered in front of the Bawangfen East Bus Station on Dawang Road in the East Fourth Ring Road of Beijing, occupying the pedestrian corridor area and affecting the normal operation of buses and buses, media reported recently.


It is said that this is because many white-collar workers who work in nearby office buildings live in the suburbs of Yanjiao and change buses at the Bawangfengdong Bus stop on a shared bicycle every day after work, but when they go to work in the morning, these people will choose the shared bikes across the road, resulting in the shared bicycles alongside the bus stop “more coming, less going.” Finally, these bikes accumulated such like a mountain.


Landing policy still needs a lot of financial input

The industry pointed out that although supervision has been strengthened, Beijing is still facing problems such as different regions with different regulatory efforts. Last week, Beijing’s Xicheng District has designated the city’s first shared bicycle parking area, while Shijingshan District has implemented a policy of “recommended parking spaces”, which is relatively loose compared with Xicheng District. In Fengtai District, Mobai shared bike, a famous shared bike company in China, will send special personnel to manage bicycles, and the bicycles scattered outside the parking area will be put in place in time by special personnel.

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Edible Blend Oil Fraud Low-Down in China


CCTV (China Central Television) exposure as Edible Blend Oil counterfeit low-down, the bottom line is “eat not to die”!


Speaking of edible blend oil, we are not stranger with it. It is made from two or more than two edible oils. In recent years, blending oil has been favored by more and more consumers with its unique nutrition concept. However, in early April this year, CCTV reporters through more than half a year of in-depth investigation found that a number of so-called cooking blended oil in a wide range of categories actually do not have the same impression as consumers. So what is inside of edible blend oil?


Exquisite package but hidden mystery

Taking the olive oil blend oil for example, although these olive blend oil are from different manufacturers, as same point the most of packages of products are with the large size of advertising words, namely nominal “super virgin olives” and “olive fragrance” and the words of “edible blend oil” are quite small, light color. If you do not carefully distinguish, these oils will confuse you seemly like pure olive oil. And a large number of so-called olive blending oil in the ingredient list only marks the name of ingredients without specifying the specific additive amount or content. Other so-called high end blending oils such as Camellia blending oil and walnut blending oil, have similar problems.

Manufacturers purse of high profits, using cheap materials

Intentionally highlighting olive oil, camellia oil and other high-end oils without specifying the specific contents and ingredients is always the way from profiteer, what kind of hidden is for inside-story of the edible blend oil with illegal deal product packages?


West Sea Cereals and Oils food Co., Ltd. Of Fujian Province is one of the largest edible oil processing enterprises in Fuzhou. The company’s head introduces that their factory mainly processes the edible blend oil which sell all over the country with more than one billion revenue per year!


Reporters saw the new packaging of Fugongfang brand olive blending oil, as ingredients table with a detailed annotation: corn oil content 95%, olive oil content 5%. According to the international standard oil price at that time, the reporter calculated that the price of olive oil per ton is more than RMB 40,000 yuan, the nominal addition of 5% per barrel of oil then the cost is about RMB 10 yuan. The price of corn oil is about RMB 7000 yuan per ton, nominal addition of 95% per barrel then the cost is about 30 yuan. The whole barrel of blended oil has reached RMB 40 yuan in raw material cost alone, but the ex-work price of this enterprise only sell to about RMB 32 yuan.


Instead of losing money, the company’s executives admit, they’ve made a few moves on ingredients, adding a lot of cheap soybean oil. Soybean oil accounts is for almost 50% of the total.


Sales director, west Sea Cereals and Oils food Co., Ltd. Of Fujian province, stated “The general formula is basically the same around a lot of edible factories, meanwhile at least Inspection from the industry and Commerce Bureau will not find out the problem; consumers can not eat to dead; not gutter oil, these are the most basic conditions.”

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