ChengDu City in China(I)

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, China. Let is know about Chengdu, this splendid and beautiful City.Click Here For More.

Brief understand about Chengdu

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province. It is also called Rongcheng and Jincheng.Click Here For More. It is a sub-provincial city and a mega-city. It is located in the west of Sichuan Basin and the hinterland of Chengdu Plain. It has flat terrain, River network, abundant products and developed agriculture. It belongs to subtropical monsoon humid climate. Under the jurisdiction of 11 districts, 4 counties and 5 county-level cities, the total area is 14,335 square kilometers; the permanent population in 2017 is 16,045,000.

Chengdu is an important base of electronic information industry in the world, a national historical and cultural city, the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization, and one of the ten ancient capitals of China. Nurtured Jinsha Site, Dujiangyan, Wuhou Temple, Dufu Caotang and many other scenic spots and historic sites, it is the best tourist city in China. Chengdu has successively won the world’s best emerging business city, China’s inland investment environment benchmark city, the national small and micro enterprises double-venture demonstration base city, China’s top ten cities in comprehensive strength, China’s top ten start-up cities, and so on. In April 2016, the State Council made it clear that Chengdu should aim at building a national central city.Click Here For More.

Let Us Know About Indian History(I)

India, an ancient country, always shows us its mystery and legend. Not only its local and traditional food attract us, but Indian history is also brilliant. All of readers may understand its history and culture through my post. Here we go, let us begin to read below,Click Here For More.


India has a long history and is one of the earliest civilized regions in the world. The Indus River is the birthplace of its civilization. This entry is about the history of the Indian subcontinent. The territory of ancient Indian civilization once included the present-day Republic of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, parts of southern Afghanistan and Nepal. After 1947, India’s territory consisted only of what is now the Republic of India.


Pantheon in Italy(I)

Travel gives us good mood and wide vision. Let us know about this world as not only limit in your living circles. Certainly, you also would like to try the flavor meal in other countries, right? Meanwhile, you will find different culture from foreign countries. Well, for Pantheon in Italy, a famous and wonderful building, always attract the tourists from worldwide. By this time, let us know about Pantheon’s charm and unique.Click Home


The Pantheon is the only fully preserved building of the Roman Empire, click here which was built between 27 and 25 B.C. The Pantheon has an astonishing 2000-year history and is now a church. It is the best preserved monument in Rome and one of the most influential buildings in the Western world. Built by Hadrian over Marcus Agrippa’s earlier 27 BC temple. It has stood since about 125 A.D., and although its grey, bestrewing hard spots appearance looks very old, it is still a unique and exciting experience to pass through a huge bronze door and gaze at the largest unreinforced concrete dome that it was built. The Pantheon, a derivation of the Greek words pan (all) and theos (god), but it was consecrated as a Christian church in A.D. 608 and at the present it is officially known as the Basilica Di Santa Maria Ad Martyres.

click here Most of the Pantheon was destroyed by the fire in A.D. 80 Only one rectangular Colonnade with 16 of granite pillars with 12.5 meters high was used as the portico of the Pantheon which was later rebuilt. On the top of the porch were inscribed memorial inscriptions of the early construction period. From the eight huge columns on the front of the gallery, we can still see the original Pantheon. Building scale.

”Paid Memberships” Program Comes into Tourist Industry (I)

In the world of the Internet, users mean everything. In today’s increasingly expensive customer acquisition, if you can’t find and introduce new users as much as you can, then how to reduce user loss and keep the total number of users becomes a concern of all companies. Paid members, non-paid members, and consumable virtual coins can all achieve the goal of increasing user retention to a certain extent. Among them, the way of consuming virtual currency is simple, and its effect is completely dependent on the actual value of the feedback to the user’s virtual currency. In addition to the fact that the equity itself can increase the user’s migration cost, the emotional factor of the user’s identity will also increase the chance of the user retaining. Compared with non-paid members, paid members can often achieve better retention.

Are there someone willing to pay for the membership?
Driven by the development of paying members in various fields, the tourism sector also revealed signs of a member’s economic strength. For consumers, the purchase of paid members is to obtain more favorable prices and better service; from the enterprise point of view, paying members have not only improved user stickiness, when traffic acquisition becomes more and more difficult, paying members become the key to increasing purchase activity. Travel companies want the paid memberships as key to increasing purchase activity, consumers are eager for more favorable prices.

From paid members of major video websites to, paid members have penetrated into various areas of life and have been gradually recognized and accepted by consumers. Some industry voices claim that 2018 can be regarded as ”the first year of China’s paid memberships”. Focusing on the travel industry, there is no shortage of attempts to paid members.
On November 15th, Ctrip announced the promotion of membership services, and super members have the opportunity to enjoy VIP lounges in multiple cities. In June last year, Ctrip first launched a ”super members” that paid 88 yuan each year. The current price is already 188 yuan each year. In addition, on November 13, Tuniu also announced the “Tuniu Black Card” for online member value-added services. The current offer price is 169 yuan each year.

According to the reporter’s enquiry, the paid membership of each travel platform is similar. Members can enjoy discounts on travel products including some hotels and tickets, as well as high-speed rail VIP rooms, priority ticket grabs, travel insurance, etc. The website conducts member exchanges and expands the influence on entertainment users. Overall, although there are some subdivision differences in each platform, the overall distinction is not large. In addition to the platform, membership in the travel industry is not lacking in entrepreneurial projects. On November 19th, the member-based consumer platform Xiaohei Technology announced that it has more than 1 million paid members. The Global Hyatt Club founded in June 2017 also has a similar membership logic, launching an elite card of 399 yuan each year, the same user set the threshold for payment at the beginning of the join, directly facing the segmented paying people.

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The Unpopular but Interesting Tourist Attractions(I)

Mai Chau

If you are a nature lover and came to Hanoi, you must go to Mai Chau. Maizhou, located in the southwestern part of Hanoi, is about 160 kilometers from Hanoi and takes about 6 hours. As the car gradually enters the mountainous area, the local villages are visible along the road, and the air is fresh and there is a quiet pastoral scene. Mai Chau is a beautiful valley. Coming to a small village nestled in the mountains, it seems that we have came to another world, the place away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. The green rice fields are dotted with rows of houses. There are no large-scale people and tourists here, only a few passengers riding bicycles and some local people in the village.

The house here is made of bamboo and wood, and each house is about 1 meter above the ground, which is said to prevent flooding and animal intrusion. Living with the hospitable white people. When you came to Mai Chau, you must use your valuable time to climb the mountain, there is a hole in the mountain, called ”Thousand Step Cave”. The night here is also colorful, we can join in the local folk performance. From October to November each year, it will be submerged in a large golden sea of rice. Among the many travel destinations in Vietnam, Mai Chau is not too special, and there are not many tourists, but if you want to choose the best eco-tourism destination in the world, then Mai Chau will undoubtedly be on the list.

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Tour to Malacca

It is really happy thing to travel worldwide, meanwhile I recommend to you about countries in Southeast Asia. Certainly, accurately means it is Malaysia. Have you ever travelled to Malacca of Malaysia? It is worth to try a while. So many great historical relics and historical buildings erecting on the square. At the first, Queen Victoria, the next is Maritime Museum, and St. Paul’s Church. I will introduce you these three scenic spots as well.

Queen Victoria

The fountain of Vitoria is located in the red house square (Dutch Square) of Malacca. It is a symbol of British colonial ruler. It was also a colonial office, and across the Malacca River through the Bridge of Malacca River, it was the Chinatown where the Malaysian Chinese lived. This Fountain is very old age till now because it was built in 1901, like all other fountains, there are always visitors to throw coins inside to wish.


Maritime Museum

This building is very famous in Malacca, and is located in the ship named Flor De La Mar, an fabricated old ship. In the Maritime Museum, there are so many historical relics and related pictures and data to be collected including maps and charts at that time. Do not forget this is a port city so the old and cumbersome containers are also on display.


Gereja St. Paul

St. Paul’s Church was built in 1521 by the Portuguese together with St. Paul’s Castle. It is the oldest church built by Europeans in Southeast Asia. Because the famous missionary Saint Francis was buried here, the statue of St. Francis priest was erected in front of the church. The statue was white and was sculpted very vividly, but it be without right hand. According to legend the Dutchman did not believe the Portuguese missionary was unbeaten after his death, so he was exhumed and cut off his right hand, resulting in bloodshed. The frightened Dutchman regarded him as sacred and prepared the statue for him in front of the church. Every weekend, the descendants of Holland in Malacca come to worship him.

Let Us Have A Look About More Travelling Places.

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Good shopping malls in Subang Jaya

Malaysia, absolutely it will be tourist paradise. The most of tourists will travel to Malaysia to enjoy its tropical environment with beach, sea, sun bath, delicious local food, Sea food, various tropical fruits and shopping in free tax shops. Certainly, referring to shopping it should be famous in capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur city because of many shopping malls such as Time Square, B.B Plaza, KLCC Shopping Center and Mid Valley Megamall and so on. However, by this time, I will lead you to know another important city Subang Jaya. Because there are still many good shopping malls there. Let us have a look below,

One City

It is located around Putra Heights off of the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong high-speed way, providing series of retail stores, food and beverage booths, entertainment service outlets, cinemas. Actually it is divided into 3 parts such as Sky Park, the Garden Shoppe and the Place. Meanwhile, the sky park is on the 10th floor and features rooftop restaurants, a glass floor. You may appreciate the city landscapes and feel a dizzying sight of a ten storey drop. The Garden Shoppe, it is such like a garden landscape setting. All facilities set in this pretty garden and offer worthy services, a lot of restaurants with local delicacies, famous international brand stores, jewellery, accessories exquisite stores and some of fashion apparels booths and kiosks. The Place mainly is provided with entertainment outlets and some retails.

Empire Shopping Gallery

Empire shopping gallery, it is a fashion lifestyle mall in Subang Jaya. According to statistical data, there are over more 180 stores inside. This shopping center only was built with six floor mall but design as elegant structure with pretty outdoor landscapes. According to its rectangular shape of structure, it is featured as a simple layout so that you may see across the mall from end to another end clearly. Good roof design will let much natural light in and making whole mall to feel bright and airy.

The Summit

It is the biggest shopping mall in Subang Jaya and the summit is situated at the diamond interchange of Subang USJ, with Menara Summit office tower, the Summit Hotel Subang USJ. So it is formed as a business-cum-entertainment hub. In the shopping mall there is the GSC Cinema to play the latest movie, and Century Club karaoke lounges, all located on the 3rd floor. Certainly, the necessary fashion retail outlets and stores, Sports shops and related booths, kiosks will be all around in this shopping mall as layout in every floors.

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