National Science and Technology Conference and Expo(I)

Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress and an inexhaustible motive force for a country’s prosperity. The essence of science and technology is innovation. China is a developing country. To catch up with developed countries, the key is to rely on innovation. Only by putting the basic point of scientific and technological progress on enhancing the ability of independent innovation and continuous innovation can we realize the leap-forward development of science and technology in China and truly grasp the initiative of development. Without innovation, it is subject to people; without innovation, it is impossible to catch up with developed countries.

The public is being invited to the 5th Biennial National Science and Technology Conference and Exposition at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel from November 19 to 20.

The two-day event, organised by the Scientific Research Council (SRC) under the theme ‘Science, Technology and Innovation in Business: Facilitating trade and global competitiveness,’ will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.Manager for the Information Services Division at the SRC, Kerry-Ann Curtis, told JIS News that the theme was selected to emphasise the need for the region “to ensure that we are not just importers of innovation, but that we innovate as well, treating science as a business”.”We want to see how we can translate science from just being a laboratory-based activity in the minds of people to it being relevant and effective for trade and our lives in general,” she added.

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Great invention about Krazy Glue


About Krazy glue (all-purpose glue), it is very famous product to apply everywhere nowadays. The invention of Krazy glue dates back to 1942. The inventor, Doctor. Harry Coover, was at Eastman Kodak, a world-renowned company for cameras and related products.

Casual Event

Dr. Harry Coover’s job is to isolate a transparent plastic that makes the weapon aiming accuracy higher. During World War II, the material was of great use. For a time, Dr. Coover was frustrated because the material, called cyanoacrylate, was too sticky.


Once, in a fit of anger, Doctor. Coover threw cyanoacrylate out of the window and continued to work as sweat poured down from his face. At this point, Dr. Coover was completely unaware that he had invented one of the most viscous Krazy glue (all-purpose adhesives) ever invented. Ironically, Dr. Coover’s efforts on the sights were in vain because the two American Atomic bombs ended the war. The explosion of atomic bombs is so extensive that there is no need to aim at it.


A few years later, Doctor. Coover resumed his original invention and realized the ecstasy of recovery. It was thought that perhaps Dr. Coover noticed that the containers used to hold cyanoacrylate still stuck to the bottom of the trash can, and he did everything he could not to take them off, so he discovered the wonders of the material.


Krazy Glue born

In 1958, Dr. Coover finally convinced his boss of the market potential of cyanoacrylate, and soon Kodak introduced a glue called Eastman 910.


Kodak racked its brains to promote the product, and someone at the company came up with an idea: Hanging a car over the street on a crane, misleading people for using the Eastman 910. The trick has been surprisingly effective. Later people called this glue “Krazy Glue”. “Krazy” is actually borrowed from the meaning of crazy in Greek language. The early slogan of the Eastman 910 was, “Remember, you can only use it once before it solidifies completely on the pipe!” Today, the Krazy glue (all-purpose adhesive) is still a best seller.

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Facebook with Oculus Quest Headset

Oculus Quest has been developed to the newest Oculus Quest as release in OC5 (Qculus Connect 2018) subsequently OC3 in 2016 and OC4 in 2017. As the rightful main role in Oculus Connect 2018, the appearance of Oculus Quest has undoubtedly attracted too much attention – so what are the new changes in product design today as $399 compared to the VR prototypes that came out in OC3 of 2016?

Review of VR prototypes in OC3

Zuckerberg often talks about the use of VR in gaming and entertainment, and after the game industry, Oculus has many other platforms to develop. When he announced the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR in March 2014, he stated that all of us may image enjoying a live game at home; attending classes around the world; or having a face-to-face consultation with a doctor, all with VR glasses.


Apart from introducing Touch Controllers at Oculus Connect 3 in 2016, the biggest highlights of Oculus were spending money on VR investments, VR support, VR development, and so on. So there are some pictures of VR in OC3 as below,

The above is the October 2016 Santa Cruz product prototype released by Oculus official through a short 35 second video clip. Obviously, its design merely is Oculus Rift with changing the skin, then adding some components.

New VR of Oculus Quest in 2018

Obviously, the device officially named Oculus Quest, is much more rounded in outline than the earlier prototype of VR. The additional components of the back of head and the external earphones on both sides are all gone. At the same time 4 cameras are added to the front of the Headset. In addition, the 6DOF double touch controllers and the top-of-the-head fastener also give Oculus Quest a distinct product positioning from Oculus Go. If Oculus Go tends to experience on a seat then there is no doubt that Oculus Quest’s experience is much closer to Oculus Rift’s.


Although Zuckerberg vowed at the Oculus Connect 2018 that Oculus Quest has more than 50 games, at the same time the tech giant also wrote in a blog “The company’s first all-in-one VR system with six degrees of freedom lets you look around in any direction and walk through virtual space just as you would in the physical world”. It’s not hard to be patient and watch more than a few moments to find that, despite the beauty of the promotional films and the focus of Oculus Quest’s function, in the final analysis, it is still an own business – Social Networking.

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