SKODA SUV For More Outdoor Sports(I)

The most of outdoor sports like to travel by driving own car, meanwhile SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles) is very famous to drive on city road and high expressway, or around the suburban. Certainly, there is one new model to show all of you as SKODA. It is new arrival in China Market, let us have a read about this SKODA series as popular SUV for outdoor sports.Click Here For More.

Skoda (SKODA), one of the classic brands of German Volkswagen Automobile Company, headquartered in Mlada-Boleslav, Czech Republic, is one of the four oldest automobile manufacturers in the world. The brand was founded in 1895.Click Here For More.

Skoda has experienced many wars, coups and mergers in the course of its development for more than 100 years. It has persevered in composing a brilliant historical chapter of Skoda, which shows its amazing survival skills! uuuuuuuuuu At present, Click Here For More. the main products of Skoda are Mingli, Jingrui, Quick Pack, Xinrui, Roomster, Yeti and Praktika. And Mission LVisionC, VisionD, Vision S, CitiJet and other conceptual vehicle development.

Stick to the Resisted Movement, Consuming ”Sugar” Effectively(I)

For diabetics, a combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercises (also known as resistance exercise) can achieve the best exercise results. Aerobic exercise is the consumption of “sugar” in the body, and the muscle exercise that is often neglected is changing the metabolic space of the human body. The better the muscle, the more metabolic energy it has, and the stronger the ability to consume the “sugar” in the body. A study in the United States shows that the combination of fast walking and dumbbells is best for patients with type 2 diabetes.Click Here For More.


Running and breathing: When running,Click Here For More. the pace is light and flexible, the soles of the feet are soft, the center of gravity is small and undulating, the left and right shaking is small, the stride is small, the movements are balanced, and running in a straight line. The slow running range is small and the running time is long: in running, the small step size is to actively reduce the strength of the muscle in each step, in order to extend the running time as much as possible. The most important effect of running length is that it can consume excess heat accumulated in the human body.Click Here For More. The intensity of jogging: the uniform speed of the specified distance (1500~3000 meters) is a moderate-intensity exercise, which is more suitable for obese people.

The Right Running Way to Lose Weight (II)

How long does it take to lose weight every day?

How long does it take to lose weight after jogging? You can lose weight by running for 30 minutes a day. First, run for 5 minutes with great relaxation and consider it as a warm-up preparation activity. Then speed up for 30 seconds, then use 30 seconds to slow down the speed, and finally run for 60 seconds. In the end, the 60-second speed is faster than the 30-second acceleration, but it is not the speed of the sprint. It should be gradually accelerating and running at the speed as fast as possible. The 30 seconds in the middle is not jogging, just slow down and “cache” the next stage of the run.

Click Here For More. Find a ring road without a motor vehicle and take the entire journey with no effort for 3 to 5 minutes. After finishing the warm-up preparation activities, the ring speed began to run, and it was time to record. Jogging for more than 30 minutes a day is the most conducive to weight loss, but a strong exercise time should not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise it will produce hunger.

The best time to lose weight

Running is one of the easiest sports to do. It can be done around your own home, as long as there is a runway-like place to start right away. So, when is the best time to lose weight?

It is said that after a night of metabolism, plants exhale a lot of carbon dioxide, so the concentration of carbon dioxide in the woods in the morning is relatively high, and some dust also floats in the air, which is detrimental to human health. In addition, people’s blood pressure is relatively high in the morning and is prone to problems. As for the carbon dioxide in the morning air, the pollution is serious, but it is not the main reason. It is not absolute when to exercise the best, it varies from person to person. If you want lose weight, in order to increase the memory of sports skills, the morning is very good. When people woke up in the morning, they had already consumed almost the energy they ate last night. At this time, not eating and exercising, it would lead to a result – “burning” fat. Because there is no energy in the morning, there is still a part of glycogen in the liver. When the concentration of these glycogens is reduced to a certain extent, fat “burning” will become the dominant mode of energy supply, which makes weight loss possible. Therefore, morning exercise has special benefits for weight loss and prevention and treatment of fatty liver.

Do some exercise at 9-10 am

This time period is the most active stage of the body’s performance. The metabolic rate is the highest in one day. At this time, the exercise progresses one day’s basal metabolic rate and quickly consumes body fat. This stage is suitable for some aerobic exercise, which is very good for stretching the muscles of the body. This time is the best time for running and losing weight.

Sports can Bring us Happiness(I)

According to a new study of good mood and physical activity, even people who exercise only once a week or only exercise for ten minutes a day are happier than those who never exercise. And any type of exercise may be useful.

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Exercise can affect our emotions, and this view is not new. Many of us may say that after jogging or going to the gym, it will feel less irritating or more relaxed. Science is also generally on our side. Some studies in the past have pointed out that physically active people are at a much lower risk of depression or anxiety than those who are less active.

But those studies focus on the relationship between exercise and psychological problems such as depression or anxiety. Previous studies have rarely explored the link between physical activity and optimism, especially for those who are mentally healthy. Moreover, in the past, those studies usually only looked at a single age group or a certain type of exercise. From a single perspective, they can’t tell us how much exercise or which type of exercise can best help us improve our mood, or whether most people can get more happiness through regular exercise, or only a certain type of person can.

Therefore, in this new review of the Journal of Happiness Studies, researchers at the University of Michigan decided to summarize and analyze past studies on exercise and well-being. They first combed the research database of related research and compiled 23 articles published since 1980. Most of them are observational, that is, scientists only observe a group of people, ask about their exercise and how happy they are. Some of the research is experimental–after people start exercising, the researchers measure how happy they are before and after exercise. The number of participants in any study is usually small, but it accounts for more than 500,000 people. The age distribution ranges from adolescents to old ages, covering a wide range of ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that for most of them, there is a strong connection between exercise and well-being.

”Every observational study shows a positive link between physical activity and happiness”, said Chen Weiyun, an associate professor of human kinematics at the University of Michigan. She and her graduate student Zhang Zhanjia wrote this review. Some people will feel happy when walking or jogging. Others practice yoga or stretch. Chen Weiyun said that to affect happiness, the amount of exercise required is small. In some studies, people who exercise once or twice a week say they are happier than people who never exercise. In other studies, 10 minutes of physical activity a day is also associated with a happy mood. But more exercise usually leads to greater happiness. Chen Weiyun said that if people follow the recommended health standards proposed by the United States and Europe, they usually exercise at least 30 minutes a day. They think they are 30% more likely to be happy than those who do nothing.

Knowledge and Suggetions about Sports(II)

The advantages of sports

  1. 3. Improve body shape. Helps to improve body shape, because through do that we can exercise muscles, make our original loose skin become firm, and reduce fat content, making our body healthier and more energetic.
  2. Lose weight. The most obvious effect of all kinds of sports is that you can lose fat. By exercising, you can consume the calories in your body to achieve the effect of losing weight. At the same time, you can shape your body muscles after exercise, which will visually look slimmer.
  3. Strength our team awareness

Many kinds of sports if we want reach the best effect we need to corporate with others, such as basketball or football, we cannnot complish them by ourselves, we must through teamwork, so sports can strength our relationship and team awareness.

  1. Cultivate strong quality. Because when you exercise, you must constantly break through your limits and overcome the difficulties one after another before you can continue.
  2. Strengthen team awareness. Many sports require the cooperation of people to carry out smoothly, such as basketball, football, etc. These sports are not a hero to win, they must be teamwork, so through sports can strengthen people and The connection between people enhances team awareness.

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Liverpool Football Club

Livepool Football Club is not strange as every football fans who no matter support to this team or not. Livepool is very famous football team with strong power as well known. This team has joined in many great matches such as UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and English Football League Cup and win the champion for many times.


Liverpool Football Club, or Liverpool for short, is located in Liverpool, a port city in Merseyside, northwest England. It was founded in 1892 and is one of the teams of the English Football Super League.


Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in English football history and one of the most successful football clubs in Europe and even in the world. Liverpool Football Team have won 18 League titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups, five Champions League titles and three European Cups.



The Liverpool football team was founded in 1892 by John Houlding. The team was founded after a dispute between the owner of the Anfield Stadium, John Hodding, and the Everton Football Team over various reasons. During the 1884-1892 years, Everton was established and always played at Anfield. After that, the conflict of how to manage the team and how to run the business between John Houlding and his business partner, Mr. Ollier, became irreconcilable after he built a new stadium for the team. Driven by personal economic interests, Hooulding decided to raise the rent of Anfield Stadium from 100 to 250 dollars. Everton, who played at Anfield for eight years, had to leave Houlding and Anfield and move to Goodison Park, a new stadium.


After that John Houlding built the Liverpool football team on the empty Anfield stadium. The original name of the team was Everton Football Team, but since the Football Association had other teams called Everton, the team was renamed Liverpool.


In the first season of the Lancashire League, they won the championship, and in the second season they succeeded in upgrading to the minor League. Then the team won the champion of minor League and was promoted to the Premier League.


In the 1900-01 season, the Liverpool team won the first top league title, and won again in the 1905-06 season. In 1914, Liverpool qualified for the first time in the FA Cup Final, but eventually lost to Burnley as result 0-1. The team won the league championship twice in 1921-22 and 1922-23 successively, but since then Liverpool had never won any championship. Until the 1946-47 season, the team won fifth league titles again. In 1950, the team qualified for the FA Cup final again, however Liverpool team lost to Arsenal at last, not match for champion.

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The Great Olympic Games

The Great Olympic Games (Greek: Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες French: Jeux olympiques; English: Olympic Games) referred to as the “Olympic” is the largest comprehensive Games hosted by the International Olympic Committee in the world, every four years, normally no more than 16 days, is the world’s most influential games and sports event. It is divided into Summer Olympic Games, Summer Paralympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games, Summer Youth Olympic Games, Winter Youth Olympic Games, World Summer Special Olympic Games, World Winter Special Olympic Games. The summer Olympic Games for the deaf and the Winter Olympics for the deaf.

Profile of Olympic Games

  • The Olympic Games are under the guidance of Olympism, with sports and the quadrennial Olympic as celebration. Olympic Games contents promotes the all-round development of human physiology, psychology and social morality, communicating the mutual understanding among people of all countries, popularizing Olympism and safeguarding world peace as an international community movement.


  • On June 23, 1894, when Le baron Pierre De Coubertin, a French educator honored as the “father of the Olympics”, and 79 representatives from 12 countries decided to establish the International Olympic Committee and initiate the Olympic Movement together, this feat was once the object of irony. Today, one hundred years later, the Olympic Games have become a festival of universal celebration, and the Olympic Movement has attracted the active participation of 202 countries and regions.


  • The Olympic Movement is a rare masterpiece of human society. It exerts various functions of sports incisively and vividly, and its influence goes far beyond the scope of sports. It has exerted a series of impacts that can not be ignored in many aspects such as politics, economy, philosophy, culture, art and news media in the contemporary world.


  • The Olympic Movement is the product of the age. The Industrial Revolution has greatly expanded the economic, political and cultural links among the races of the world. The contacts between each countries are becoming closer and closer. It is urgent to strengthen international understanding through various means of communication. The Olympic Movement is just to meet the needs of this society, and is the inevitable outcome of the development of human society to a certain stage.


  • The Youth Olympic Games is an international event for young people. It is the highest comprehensive sporting event for young people in the world. The age limit for competitors is set at 14 to 18 years old. Most of the events are the same as the Olympic Games, but a few are different. The Youth Olympic Games is held by every four years, the Summer Youth Olympic Games longest almost 12 days.

Here we go for more Olympic Games Information.

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