A Good way to help customers(I)

Well, holiday is coming soon. click here There are many stores to try the best attracting more customers to enter into its store with more buying. Certainly, according to consumers’ demand of psychology about shopping. Normally holiday will be good time to buy no matter in which countries. However as long line for waiting payment method in front of cashier desk is really such feeling for many consumers. So how about these store do to help their customers?click here

Holiday sales: Customers shop at Virginia’s Paul/Ralph Lauren store.click here

Retailers will again offer big discounts and advance business hours to attract shoppers into their stores for the start of the holiday season. click here But they will also try to get shoppers to leave the store faster than ever before, minimizing the number of things they hate most: long queues.

Create Value for Businesses through Digital Operation(II)

Two senior consultants from Microsoft and Adobe, from the perspective of smart retail and digital experience-driven business, deeply explored and analyzed the latest cases, experiences, and technical solutions in related fields. The digital marketing manager of the Marketing Department of TCL Electronics Overseas Business Center is a newcomer. Based on the practice of digital transformation, TCL shared the bottlenecks of overseas marketing and official website from TCL’s 19 years of international exploration in 1981, and finally through the iSoftStone’s solutions for its planning and implementation have achieved multiple goals such as improving the efficiency of overseas official website content, easy operation, and technical support.

The seminar was very exciting. Many participants expressed the high quality of this seminar. They not only have the cutting-edge enterprise digital business model concept, but also the latest digital technology and products, and more practical solutions and real case sharing.

Huang Xiaolian, vice president of iSoftStone, said that companies all over the world are exploring and quickly recommending digital. iSoftStone has rich experience in digital consulting, development and operation, providing high quality services to more than 1,000 customers at home and abroad. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to work with partners such as Microsoft and Adobe to help more consumer goods companies use digital to create greater business value.

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China US Trade War


According to U.S. media analysis, some analysts gave an alternative interpretation of the impact of tariff increases across the Pacific. They believe that trade tensions between the US and China could benefit other Asian economies and markets.

Main Content

The highly interconnected nature of Asian supply chains has led to a loss-free situation in Asia this year. If China’s exports suffer, many companies supplying related parts will suffer.


But considering that tariffs have led to higher prices for some Chinese goods imported by the United States, some researchers believe that countries exporting similar products may ultimately benefit as American buyers look for alternative suppliers. Meanwhile Economists of Bank of America Merrill Lynch believe that Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea will be the biggest beneficiaries because their export situation is similar to that of China.


In addition, some Asian economies will benefit from the redeployment of investments by companies operating in China. According to a survey released last week by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, about 70% of companies are considering moving some or all of their manufacturing operations out of China. Most companies think Southeast Asia is the first choice.


Authority Prediction

Of course, there are also some problems facing the Southeast Asian market such as the potential impact of interest rate increase in the United States and the slowdown of China’s economy. These effects vary from industries or countries. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) thinks technology companies in Vietnam and Malaysia may win, while Thailand’s status as a car parts producer may benefit the industry.


Steven Friedman and Chi Low, senior economists at BNP Paribas, said low-end imports of footwear, toys and textiles could switch to Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia, while electronics and machinery could be imported from Mexico, Turkey and South Korea.


So far, the downturn in Asian stock markets does not seem to reflect the unexpected gains of this restructuring of trade relations. One reason may be that there is no way to tell which companies will ultimately benefit. For example:


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), points out that some multinational companies, such as Sony Co., SNE and Panasonic Co., 6752.TO operating in Malaysia, as well as Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE and Intel Co., INTC operating in Vietnam, already operate locally. A firm foothold can help allocate resources freely, but local companies can not do so.

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Tend of Entity Business Development in China

Recent years, following by social development and economic globalization, entity business have also developed in China. In 2018 more and more retail brands are opened and grew, meanwhile there are four tends should be become main stream of development. Hereby, let me state below,

  • Big data for supply-side reform, to personalized customization, flexible production

The retailer moved from B2C to C2B, and the development focus shifted from the market side to the supply side.Based on the new business infrastructure and consumer demand, we can use data to understand driving production and global marketing, supply chain is more flexible, manufacturing is more small and quick, and step forward to the “Internet + industry 4 .0”.


  • improve “infrastructure” and apply AI and Internet of things technology

The development of new retail requires retailers to integrate large data analysis, cloud computing, supply chain coordination, intelligent warehousing logistics and Internet marketing model. Accurately identify the needs of each user, personalized interaction, precision marketing, automatic pricing system. Future new retail technology innovation will focus on the following four aspects: customer acquisition technology, enhance consumer experience technology, improve retail efficiency technology, reduce retail cost technology.


  • Transformation of experiential retail, create “social + experience” shopping platform

To explore the added value of retail from the perspective of experience will be the focus of new retailers. Offline will extend from product experience to service experience including visual, selection, payment, interaction and so on. As online, through social media, provide consumers with more entertainment and social information value-added services.


  • Use all means to improve efficiency in all directions.

The essence of new retail is efficiency revolution. The “efficiency” we stated here is not only the operational efficiency, but also it is the efficiency of user competition. The better way to occupy the user’s cognition is to guide the consumer demand through the transmission of brand culture, value proposition, lifestyle and so on, and to influence the consumer decision-making invisibly.



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About Foreign Trade Terms

Nowadays, the most of companies from different countries have joined in international trade action (namely Foreign trade). However, related foreign trade business there are a lot of expertise and tricks we may apply during business negotiation to realize successful deal with foreigner buyers. As often, the most of businessman and merchants do not consider about utilization of foreign trade terms and only focus on lowering price of products for their oversea customers. So the most of time negotiation of business will be kind of deadlock. So how to break the deadlock of negotiation is very important for every representative of foreign trade no matter you work in import and export companies or in factories. Hereby, according to main foreign trade terms FOB, CRF and CIF, let us know how change the impasse to good opportunity.

Basic terms to know

FOB, Free on Board which means there is duty pass from sellers to buyers when the sellers deliver the goods to specified port of shipment and goods on the board of vessel. Meanwhile, as sellers, they do not need to pay for related fees such as freight fee, fee of chartering space and so on.


CFR, Cost and Freight which means the sellers have to pay freight fee for this batch of goods which the buyers purchase and others are as same as FOB term. Well, this is quite same expecting freight fee by the sellers.


CIF, Cost, Insurance and Freight which means the sellers are in charge of paying about Freight fee, Insurance fee for this batch of goods. Meanwhile, the risk of cargo loss is bear by the buyers after the cargo on the board of vessel.

How to use these terms for negotiation

These three of terms are very simple and popular for the foreign trade enterprises in every countries because of its easy process and low risk. As often the factory always advertise own by its quality of products, good service after sale, advanced technology for producing, and large scale of workshops and factories and so on. However, they forget to apply these foreign trade terms skillfully. Because even of your products are good and service are professional, as oversea buyers they seldom know about your situation as not domestic factories. Sometimes they will cancel the order for only a little bit profit and benefits; or they will ignore your these advantages of factories as pity freight fee adding into their cost.


According to my opinion and experience, I suggest that sometimes you may offer oversea buyers extra a bit benefits such as FOB term changing to CFR term, meanwhile you keep the quotation as same as you send as initial one. It means you try to attract the buyers by freight fee or an insurance fee. This is really good job after you try often.

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