MySQL Is Important For PHP(I)

PHP could be script language to apply for web page development. Certainly, If there is no MySQL database, PHP is nothing to do with only non-function web page because of without related data’s storage and application. Through above mentioned, then you may know if PHP and HTML related web page developing language can fully exploit its functions and contribute to personal and enterprise’s application, MySQL is very important to match to programming language PHP.Click Here For More.

Database MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system developed by Swedish MySQL AB Company and currently belongs to Oracle Company. Click Here For More. MySQL is an associated database management system, which stores data in different tables instead of all data in a large “warehouse”, thus increasing speed and flexibility.

  • MySQL is open source, so you do not need to have to pay extra.Click Here For More.
  • MySQL supports large databases. It can handle large databases with tens of millions of records.
  • MySQL uses the standard form of SQL data language.
  • MySQL can run on multiple systems and support multiple languages. These programming languages include C, C++, Python, Java, Perl, PHP, Eiffel, Ruby and Tcl.
  • MySQL has good support for PHP, which is the most popular Web development language at present.Click Here For More.
  • MySQL supports large databases, data storage with 50 million records, 32-bit system table files can support up to 4 GB, 64-bit system supports up to 8 TB.
  • MySQL is customizable, using GPL protocol, you can modify the source code to develop your own MySQL system.

Education About Medical Science(I)

Actually Education is very important from ancient time to present time. Nowadays, the most of countries begin to enhance the quality of itself education system and education industry. Medical science is also to be emphasized by every countries. Not only advanced medical science may prevent and restrain disease transmission and development of epidemic situation, but good medical science technology will also help more patients which have difficult diseases. Well, let us have a look about real case below,Steel Pipes Manufacturers

Ebola in Uganda Border

Health workers walk with a boy suspected of having Ebola at an Ebola Treatment Center in Beni, the place is near the border between Congo and Uganda, on 9th Sept, 2018.

The Lamia River marks the border between the Ebola infected North Kivu province of the democratic republic of the Congo and Uganda. In Uganda, officials have taken steps to prevent an outbreak of the deadly Ebola. Since August, the Ebola virus has infected about 319 people in neighboring democratic republic of Congo according to statistical data, with killing 198 patients. Borders between countries remain open, and health experts fear the virus could enter Uganda through cross-border traffic.


The Information Security Issues in Internet of Things(I)

For the first time, British engineer Kevin Ashton defined the Internet of Things: connecting all items to the Internet through information sensing devices such as radio frequency identification for intelligent identification and management.Click Here For More.

The simple explanation is to install the “sensors” of the appliances in our lives, Click Here For More. convert their status and so on into computer language and connect to the network. On the other hand, the network is connected with a control terminal, such as a mobile phone, a computer, a remote controller, etc., and can be commanded by a remote terminal. In the world of IoT plans, users can order the home water heater to start heating on the way home, or remotely control the air conditioner to start heating up. This is the most basic use of the Internet of Things in life. With the further development of the Internet of Things, sensors attached to electrical appliances do not need to directly convey the perceived information to people, but are converted into electromagnetic signals by some technical means, and handed over to other back-end equipment for processing, then further utilized.

And this is the prototype of artificial intelligence – a learning algorithm based on processing large amounts of data to adjust and make decisions.Click Here For More. A simple example is the “Siri” of Apple’s. It can be said that the emergence of the Internet of Things has made human society a big step toward intelligence. The Internet of Things is now an emerging technology in parallel with artificial intelligence and blockchain, and the segmentation of the Internet of Things industry such as the Internet of Things platform, gesture control devices, and connected homes has begun to emerge. According to analysts, by 2025, the total investment in the Internet of Things will be nearly $15 trillion.

The role of computers in today’s society

The change of human social life is ultimately determined by social productivity. The role of the primary productive forces of social science and technology is becoming more and more prominent. Information science and technology is the leading factor in the modern advanced science and technology system, and the social informationization it causes will be rapid. Changing the appearance of society and changing people’s production methods and lifestyles has a huge impact on social life.Click Here For More.

Click Here For More. Information, in terms of its meaning, includes two meanings, one is the meaning expressed by the information itself, that is, the content of the information; the second is the tool for transmitting information. The carrier of information, information technology is the acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, display and application of information, such as remote sensing technology, telemetry technology, communication technology, computer technology, optical disc technology, various display terminal technologies. Information technology includes both the production and application of information technology. The production of information technology is mainly embodied in the information technology industry, including computer hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, microelectronics production, etc. The application of information technology is reflected in the proliferation of information technology, including information services and management information systems. In information technology systems, microelectronics, communication technology, computer technology and network technology can be called the core of information technology. Their development process reflects the development of information technology. From the perspective of microelectronics, since the invention of the transistor in 1948, the first integrated circuit was introduced in 1958, which triggered a microelectronic revolution. Microelectronics technology enables more and more complex electronic systems to be integrated into a small piece of silicon. In this way, miniaturization, low energy consumption of electronic devices and systems are possible.

According to statistics, at the end of 1999, there were more than 260 million Internet users and 9.56 million sites worldwide, Click Here For More. with e-commerce turnover reaching more than 240 billion US dollars; China has 8.9 million Internet users and 15,000 sites. It is estimated that after 3 years, there will be 500 million Internet users and 21 million sites worldwide. The e-commerce turnover will reach 1.3 trillion US dollars; China’s Internet users will reach 37 million and 50,000 sites. The social informatization triggered by information science and technology is profoundly changing the form of society, the mode of economic growth, the way of life, and has a tremendous impact on all aspects of social life.In the industrial society, the main way of economic development is to realize by means of resource input. The way of industrialized processing of resources is a way of achieving high consumption and high pollution, which will inevitably lead to the depletion of natural resources and industrial pollution. The social informationization caused by information science and technology provides technical possibilities for countries to get rid of the high-input, high-consumption and high-pollution economic development mode. The development of informatization has created a new way of economic growth, that is, relying on scientific and technological progress, rather than high resources and high investment to promote economic growth. At present, in developed countries, the rate of scientific and technological progress on economic growth has reached 60%-80%.

From Mobile Phone to AI, Smart Home Developed at a High Speed (IV)

Inductive control

The next stage of the idealized smart home is the inductive control of smart products. Smart products can sense the state of the user, making adjustments to the device, eliminating the hassle of manual operation by the user. If the window can sense the rain and automatically close, the washing machine can select the appropriate washing mode according to the material of the clothes. From voice control to inductive control, it shows that the evolution of smart home requires intelligent products to do their best. In today’s smart home market, a small number of smart products have realized inductive control, such as the smart sensor light, it lights when people comes, doesn’t working when people leaves, and most of the products still have not reached the stage of inductive control.

Really intelligent: system self-learning

Being passive and taking the initiative is the only way for the evolution of smart homes. Inductive control, although it has a very high degree of intelligence, it is still passive control. Only when the smart home realizes active automation can it bring a truly intelligent feeling to the user. At present, there are manufacturers in China to try to realize self-learning of smart home systems. For example, with a wristband close to the TV, the TV will recognize that the human body is too close, thus automatically reducing the screen brightness or temporarily turning off the screen backlight to achieve the goal of protecting the human eyes.

This passive and active process often requires a large number of sensors, such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, distance sensors, heart rate sensors, and the others. By detecting the activity of the human body, the indicators of the body, and the changes in the environment, the home appliance actively learns and records the user’s usage habits, to self-adjust and evolve. It can be said that the future smart home is actually composed of sensors. From terminal control to system self-learning, the smart home industry is advancing rapidly. According to the latest data, it is estimated that by 2020, the overall scale of global smart home will grow to 50 billion US dollars. From the development of artificial intelligence and the IoT industry, to the key points of government work reports, even to the favor of a large number of capital, the smart home industry is welcoming historical opportunities.

Up to now, the Reference Department’s high-quality enterprise database has included 827 enterprises related to the smart home industry. Fanghui Technology is one of them. With its own software and hardware strength, Fanghui Technology has built two flagship systems and intelligent hardware devices, such as Dudu Smart Home and Dudu Smart Community, and has successfully cooperated with Internet giants such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Voice control of all its smart products. With the joint of Fanghui, it will be able to help the development of the smart home industry, and realize the popularity and landing of smart homes.

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What is IIS and its Function

What is IIS? Let me tell you that IIS is the abbreviation of Internet Information Service, namely it is integrated with World Wide Web server, Popher server and FTP server. It is an Internet basic service provided by Microsoft Corp based on running Microsoft Windows. Initially, IIS (Internet Information Service) is the optional package for Windows NT, subsequently, it is built-in and released through Windows 2000, Windows XP professional and Windows Server 2003 together. However, it is not existed on the Windows XP Home Edition.

Function of IIS

IIS (Internet Information Service) means that you can publish web pages, and have ASP (Active Server Pages), JAVA, VBscript to generate pages, with some related extensions. IIS supports interesting things such as FRONTPAGE (Interface for editing environment), INDEX SERVER (Full-text retrieval function), and NET SHOW (Multimedia function).


The IIS (Internet Information Service) is as server of file and application with the Windows NT Server 4.0 together, is also the basic component which build the internet server through Windows NT Server.


It is fully integrated with Windows NT Server, allowing the use of Windows NT Server’s built-in security and NTFS file system to build powerful and flexible Internet/Intranet sites.


IIS (Internet Information Server) is a Web service component, which includes Web server, FTP server, NNTP server and SMTP server. It is used in Web browsing, file transferring, news service and mail sending and so on. It makes that Publishing information on Internet and LAN (Local Area Network) is a piece of cake.


The number of web pages allowed to open at the same time, Opening a page takes up one IIS, opening a page of instation-frame has to take up 2 to 3 IIS normally. If the picture is stolen as hotlink, it will also occupy one IIS through other websites to open this picture. If the setting parameter is 50 of IIS, this website allows 50 pages to be opened at the same time. However to have 50 pages open at the same time (in a very short time), 50 people are required to operate together, which is a relatively low probability. So it’s not a big problem to have more than 1,000 IP by supporting 100 IIS per day (and the number of visitors must be far less than 1,000 at the same time), unless the website is stolen chains or frameworks caused other consumes.

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C Language Structure

About C language structure, we may think about to discuss it through 4 of aspects such as Sequence structure, routine structure, function and operation symbols. For newbies, I will state below according to these 4 aspects. The first, it is about Sequence structure.

Syntactic Structure


  • Sequence structure

Sequence structure of the program design is the simplest, as long as in the order to solve the problem to write the corresponding statement on the line, its execution sequence is top-down, in turn.


For example, a = 3, b = 5, now exchange a and b values, this problem is like exchange of two cups of water, so have to use the third cup, if the third cup is c, then the correct program is: c = a; a = b; b = c; the result is a = 5, b = c = 3.


If you change the sequence, write: a = b; c = a; b = c; then the execution results become a = b = c = 5, can not achieve the desired purpose, the beginners are most likely to make this mistake.


Sequence structure can be used independently to form a simple complete program, the  program as three-step such as common input, calculation and output is the Sequence structure. In most cases, the Sequence structure is part of the program and forms a complex program with other structures together.


  • Selective structure

Sequence structure programs can solve the problems of calculation and output, but they can not be judged and chosen again. For the issues have to judge and choose at the first, exactly the selective structure should be used. The execution of the selective structure is to select the execution path according to certain conditions, rather than strictly according to the physical sequence in which the statement appears.


The key to program design method of selective structure is to construct appropriate branch conditions and analyze program flow, and select appropriate selective statements according to different program flow.


  • Cycle structure

Cycle structure (Loop structure) can reduce the workload of repetitive writing of source program to describe the problem of repetitive execution of a segment of algorithm. This is the program structure that can give full play to computer expertise in programming. In C language, there are four kinds of loops: goto loop, while loop, do while loop and for loop.


It is particularly important to note that should contain the statements that tend to end in the loop body (i.e. changes in the value of the loop variable), otherwise it may become a dead loop. This is a common mistake for beginners.



Programming and Code Information.

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