Characteristics of a good combination crane

With the expansion of industrial production scale and the improvement of automation, more and more companies have begun to adopt combined crane equipment, which effectively solves the problem of material handling and control in the plant and greatly improves the performance of the light duty gantry crane enterprise. Combination cranes are the key, professional combination cranes should meet the following:

What are the characteristics of a good combination crane?

1.Improve product quality and production yield: humanized operation characteristics and simple features that are easy to use, greatly reduce the damage caused by collision and falling of the workpiece during handling and positioning, and effectively reduce the cause Work accidents caused by improper operation. Professional combination cranes can cause product damage due to improper operation during production.

Characteristics of a good combination crane

2.Humanized design concept: In the industrial production society, the labor cost is getting higher and higher, and the number of senior workers is increasing. The workers can effectively complete the material handling work through the Gaobo combination crane. According to the results of an ergonomic design of the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States, employees can safely operate traditional I-beam lifting equipment with workpieces. By making more rational use of human resources, combined cranes greatly reduce the intensity of material handling. Under the current situation of aging society and more women participating in the work, human resources can be more fully utilized.

3.Modular design: The domestic professional combination crane can customize the lifting device that is most suitable for your factory environment, even the assembled combination crane, the combination crane manufacturer can also quickly sell for you. Adjustment, whether it is to extend the track, increase the pillars or increase the load capacity, the flexible modular design can definitely meet your lifting needs; whether it is the expansion, transformation or relocation of the workshop, the combined lifting equipment is easy to install and disassemble. Will bring you great convenience.

4.Increase productivity: The traditional I-beam lifting equipment is slow to move and awkward, requiring a lot of effort to move the materials in the plant. Therefore, the smart response of the combined lifting equipment will make people feel that this machine is the extension of the hand. Especially in the case of very frequent work cycles, professional modular cranes can greatly improve work efficiency and bring considerable returns.

5.Accurate and smooth: It is easy and precise to carry the raw materials in the factory or the semi-finished products to be combined. It is an improvement of the times brought by the combined lifting equipment. From the perspective of movement and positioning, its operability is several times that of conventional I-beam lifting equipment. The key factor is the patented closed track design, high strength weight ratio and rigid structure combined with special rail car design.electric scissor lift for sale

The above advantages are not achieved by conventional I-beam cranes, which play an important role in the modern production process. In particular, the wide application of electronic computer technology has prompted the emergence of many interdisciplinary advanced design methods, which has promoted the improvement of modern manufacturing technology and testing technology. Therefore, a company that uses a combination of cranes should carefully compare the quality of the combined crane. Good, cost-effective and other issues, to promote the improvement of modern manufacturing technology and testing technology.

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