The Information Security Issues in Internet of Things(I)

For the first time, British engineer Kevin Ashton defined the Internet of Things: connecting all items to the Internet through information sensing devices such as radio frequency identification for intelligent identification and management.Click Here For More.

The simple explanation is to install the “sensors” of the appliances in our lives, Click Here For More. convert their status and so on into computer language and connect to the network. On the other hand, the network is connected with a control terminal, such as a mobile phone, a computer, a remote controller, etc., and can be commanded by a remote terminal. In the world of IoT plans, users can order the home water heater to start heating on the way home, or remotely control the air conditioner to start heating up. This is the most basic use of the Internet of Things in life. With the further development of the Internet of Things, sensors attached to electrical appliances do not need to directly convey the perceived information to people, but are converted into electromagnetic signals by some technical means, and handed over to other back-end equipment for processing, then further utilized.

And this is the prototype of artificial intelligence – a learning algorithm based on processing large amounts of data to adjust and make decisions.Click Here For More. A simple example is the “Siri” of Apple’s. It can be said that the emergence of the Internet of Things has made human society a big step toward intelligence. The Internet of Things is now an emerging technology in parallel with artificial intelligence and blockchain, and the segmentation of the Internet of Things industry such as the Internet of Things platform, gesture control devices, and connected homes has begun to emerge. According to analysts, by 2025, the total investment in the Internet of Things will be nearly $15 trillion.

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