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Wet wipes products are developing in multiple categories and applicable in multiple ways. At present, more and more occasions in daily life need to use wet wipes. YG Machinery has a variety of wet wipes machines of different models, will be your best partner. Fully automatic wet wipes machine manufactures flat pack wet wipe items with feeding into the packaging unit done automatically. Our wet wipe production lines are exported to Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, and other countries. In addition, we have PE gloves making machine, nitrile gloves production line, mask making machine for sale. Intelligent disinfection door, smart automatic disinfection channel, trolley disinfection tunnel. Down the hole drilling machine, water well drilling rigs for sale.

These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our website and to use some of its features. For ease of traceability, the machine automatically gives each production run a code. The technique optimizes parameters of the production process for you for compressible products, if necessary. The camera quality control unit provides a constant evaluation of the forces applied and their graphical depiction shown in a 3D diagram. The machine has a design specifically meant for modified atmospheric packaging (M.A.P). This is horizontal flow-rapping equipment that generates up to 100 packs per minute with hermetic seals out of a flat reel of heat seal packaging material. The machine has a user-friendly interface that allows for fully automatic and non-stop operation with high efficiency. The machine also enables the operator to carry out easy change-overs among various products.

Your machine should be able to produce wet wipes for all conceivable uses. After its preparation, you load the non-woven cloth from storage rolls onto the wet wipe coating machine, where application of the cleansing solution takes place. Wet-laid process typically finds use in softer cloths such as wet wipes, which utilizes cotton blends. Packaging utilized in wet wipes should keep them free from contamination while still allowing for easy dispensing. Mildness is a crucial factor considering that the wet wipe solution may get into contact with delicate skin areas. The main constituent of wet wipes cleansing ingredients is water, which acts as diluent and carrier of other ingredients. Servo and pneumatics systems offer the right solution for applying various kinds of labels to a myriad of wet wipe packages. The packaging machine has automatic in-line feeder fitted with calibrating conveyor. The packaging line consists of a horizontal packaging machine and film preparation unit.

Most places with public use such as service stations, toilets of restaurants, doctors’ offices, among other places will commonly these type of wet wipes dispensers. You will find these wet wipes included as part of a standard sealed cutlery package offered in restaurants or along with airline meals. You can use industrial wet wipes to clean a broad range of tough elements from tools, surfaces, and hands. You can use medical wet wipes to inhibit the spread of pathogens like the Clostridiumdifficile and Norovirus. Even though marketed mainly for wiping the bottom of infants when changing diaper, you can as well use wet wet wipes lid applicator wipes to clean toilet seats, floors, and other surfaces around the house. Automatic gauze pad packaging machine PPD-GPPAutomatic gauze pad packaging machine is designed for making gauze pad for medical use, acid use etc. Each process needs an individual machine that connects together to form an automated production line. The product packaging speed is fast, the performance parameters are reliable, and the qualification rate is high.

Courtesy of the motors of the packaging machine, the operator can fold the non-woven fabric according to the limit set on the touch screen of the control panel and cut them into the package. The volumetric pump of the wet wipe machinery injects the required quantity of the solution into the wet wipes pack by drawing it from the reservoir. Let’s look at some of the hygiene products that can be produced by wet wipes machine. Besides the multifunctional machines, there are optional modules for you if your factory has already equipped with one or a few machines. Dachang’s wet wipes machines feature high flexibility by the availability of every single module of the machines, which will fit your actual situation to the greatest extent and significantly facilitate your production. As a premier wet wipes machine manufacturer, the best advice we can give you is that “never stop on paperwork”. Many customers will make a nice comparison data sheet with all the parameters provided by several wet wipes production line suppliers they can find from the internet, hoping to find out the winner. You can not expect to get a wet wipes machine that can make all types of wet wipes at different sizes/ specs. Get the answers to most common questions customers have about buying wet wipes machines from DROID. At DROID, we care more about how our customers could make the right investment and power positive revenue by producing market-driven and consumer-oriented wet wipes products at minimum manufacturing costs.

An excellent Wet Wipes Production Line is the start to high productivity, short downtimes, and an output improvement in wet wipes manufacturing. End-of-line packaging system refers to automated case packer that is operated by an 8-axile robot to pick up output wipes from primary packaging machine and stuff them into cartons. This process can also be done manually if you see no temporary need for huge investment on automation system. Disposal of wet wipes has become more controversial as wet wipes flushed down the toilet have been reported to clog internal plumbing, septic systems and public sewers. The industry is working to make its product more disposable, and some are labeled “flushable.” Research hasn’t shown that some of these aren’t “flushable,” but new products such as gel wipes are on the market. Donggong Machinery is the first manufacturer of wet wipes converting and packaging Machines in China. CANKEY Packing Machinery has accumulated many years of experience in the packaging machine industry. It is a limited liability enterprise integrating R and D, development, production, sales and service. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored.

The equipment automatically erects, feeds and encloses wrap around wet wipes boxes. The touch screen control panel displays the web speed, product counts, wetting saturation rate, production rate, among other data. At the moment, there are so many wet wipe machine available in the market. And today’s guide will help venture and take advantage of the existing opportunity by investing in the best wet wipe machine. During this period of warranty, if there is something wrong with the machine, we are responsible to provide project for solving this problem at the soonest, and help customers to restore production as soon as possible. The wet tissue making machine chooses a color sensor electronic screen, which is relatively simple and quick to operate. Disinfecting or cleaning surfaces wipes shouldn’t be used on skin. If by accident such cleaning wipes are used on skin, wash the area right away with soap and water. Here we have summarized the commonly seen hygiene wipes, sanitizing wipes, antibacterial wipes and disinfectant wipes on the market and their converting and packaging technology behind. You do not need to hide your customers from obsolete wet wipes facilities behind the closed door any more.

The products operated include wet tissue machine, single-chip wet tissue making machine, barreled wet wipes manufacturing machine, folding machine, slitting rewinder, wet wipe packaging machine, cross-cutting machine, etc. The automatic baby wet wipe making machine is special equipment for producing disposable household cleaning wipes or baby wipes. This wet tissue production line is driven by a fully functional servo, full servo control, independent operation of the color LCD touch screen, reliable, simple, convenient, flexible, stable performance, and advanced technology. The fully automatic baby wet tissue machine has advanced technology, stable performance, low product defect rate, high speed, and high efficiency, and can fully guarantee safe production. It is practical equipment for small and medium enterprises to produce wet wipes. The towel is ready to use and can keep the skin clean at any time. If you are looking for wet wipe making machine for sale, please leave your message. The wet wipes include wet wipe machine, wet wipes packing machine and wet wipes production line, can customize according to customers’ requirement.

Cosmetic and baby wipes are for cleaning skin and removing makeup. Disinfecting and sanitizing wipes kill germs on surfaces at home, school or child care settings. Ninety percent of wet wipes are produced from non-woven fabrics made of polyester or polypropylene. The material is moistened with water or other liquids depending on the suggested use of the wipe. These materials may be treated with softeners, lotions, perfumes, isopropyl alcohol and preservatives. Founded in 1985 with the vision and strong focuses on making wet wipes machines affordable and easy to operate for end users, Donggong embarked on the journey to simplicity. We fully respect if you want to refuse cookies but to avoid asking you again and again kindly allow us to store a cookie for that.

The rates of production rely on the number of lanes running and the width of the machine. The machine can convert web widths 20″ to 80″ to almost any fold size and cut length. This feature gives the ability to offer exceptionally exact product lengths. The pads are ready to use hygiene products offering simple and convenient solutions to get rid of dirt or other unwanted materials. Cleansing pads are fiber sponges previously soaked with alcohol, water and other active constituents for a specific intended purpose. Baby wipes are usually different pack counts and come with a means of dispensing.

The wet wipes palletizer has one primary control panel and uses HMI and PLC to modulate all the robots. The design of the machine enables it to cut and rewind substances such as nonwoven fabric, both spun-laced and spun-bond. The reel changing of the machine is semi-automatic and sensor controlled, with the stacking station and conveyor delivering up to 100 stacks of finished wet wipes per minute. Most people opt for wet wipes in situations of communal amenities, for which there exist long queues. These comprise of alcohol wet wipes, poricidal wipes, and chlorhexidine wipes . Baby wipes are wet wipes you use to clean infants’ sensitive skin. Lively and open interaction with customers and business partners is important to us. We are therefore pleased to remain constantly at your disposal to provide competent machines – whether regarding products or applications or any other enquiries. If you have an existing factory layout you can also send us to We will help you select the matching machine models and make clean room design accordingly.

The whole machine adopts a programmable logic controller, pneumatic control elements, and intelligent digital display temperature control system. It has the characteristics of high sealing strength, good sealing, and low failure rate. It is the first choice for enterprises to automatically produce wet wipes. Its application is as wide as to include personal hygiene wipes, alcohol swabs/pads, disinfectant wipes, airline wipes, facial wet tissue, hand sanitizing wipes or makeup removal wipes. The following are optional additional configuration machines for the wet wipe production line. Leave your message to know more YG wet wipes production line related details. The design of fully automatic wet wipes machines ensures top performance, efficiency, and versatility, ranging from lanes. In general, a wet wipes machine can cost $20,000–$500,000 upfront depending on a wide range of factors including technology, capacity speed, functions & features, components, automation & intelligence and workmanship . If you are looking for a wet wipe making machine for sale, please leave your message. “As a general rule, a wet wipes business owner should spend 20% or less of their time making products or handling production related tasks (such as purchasing supplies, fixing equipment, etc.) The rest of the time?

Machines will be tested for their performance, speed and productivity in harsh conditions by final quality control teams before delivery. Household wipes include wipes for general purpose home care- surface disinfecting wipes, floor cleaning wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes, toilet cleaning wipes, automotive car cleaning, lens cleaning wipes, and shoe polishing wipes. Wet wipes and their descendants are here to stay as busy people know disposable wipes can make cleaning tasks easier. However, before wiping your child’s hands, face or bottom or a surface in your home, check the label and choose the right wipe for the job. Easy to handle with All types of biodegradable and natural materials for wet wipes. The bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the empty running, one step in place, saving time and film. It should allow you to produce a broad variety of wet wipes in terms of materials, weights, and sizes.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer who makes all types of wet wipes machine, you are in the right place. All control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade. This design makes the wet tissue machine more convenient and intelligent, and higher production efficiency. We are manufacturing Flow pack Packaging Machine, Flowpack Machine, Flow wrapper Machine with PLC, Motion Controller, Servo Motor, Remote Access and Remote Update Machine technology. We provide low human power and high performance with our flow pack machines. Our Flowpack Packaging Machines are best solution to pack bread, biscuits, chocolate, wafer, stick ice-cream, fruits, vegetables, etc. Disinfecting wet wipes machine is in high demand as disinfectant wipes are reported to be an effective prevention measure against coronavirus by global medical experts ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

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