Main development trends of port cranes

What are the main development trends of port cranes?

(1) Develop large-scale, special-purpose loading and unloading port cranes and cranes to meet the needs of large-scale ships, bulk loading and unloading, and containerization. Such as port large-scale shore container cranes, tire gantry cranes, front lifters, high-productivity grab ship port crane supplier

(2) Lighten the weight of the cranes at the port cranes and realize the light weight of the cranes and cranes at the port cranes, including the adoption of new structural types, new materials, new transmission mechanisms, and new processes. For example, it is made of high-strength low-alloy steel in the metal structure of the crane. New design theories and methods such as optimized design and reliability design are used to reduce the self-weight and improve the reliability and service life of the crane.

(3) Combine lifting machinery technology with electronic technology. The single-machine design is combined with the crane mechanical operation system to apply advanced microcomputer control (PLC control), fiber optic technology, hydraulic technology, etc. to the driving and control system of the lifting machine to improve the working performance of the crane. For example, the frequency conversion speed regulation is applied in the control system of the crane, which greatly improves the stability of the crane during starting and braking, and has achieved very obvious effects.

(4) Application of ergonomics. For example, in reducing the vibration and noise direction of port crane wharf; in the reasonable arrangement and comfort of the crane cab; taking measures in the safety technology of the crane to improve the working performance and safety and comfort of the crane reliability.wall mounted jib crane

(5) Research on new handling technology. Including automated warehouses with automatic access systems, air cushion handling technology, etc. For example, a new process for the handling of large cranes in recent years.

(6) Standardization, serialization, and standardization. For example, the main performance parameters of a large number of general-purpose cranes, standardization and serialization of major mechanisms and components are of positive significance for improving productivity, reducing production costs, improving product performance and maintenance.

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